Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Things I don't want to forget

I think one of my favorite movies is The Notebook. Jose and I have talked many times about how we could see ourselves doing the same thing that James Garner did in that movie. Altzheimer's is beyond sad, to have the person you love sitting right in front of you, and they don't know you anymore. I do cross-stitch and I eat my food with my fork in my left hand sometimes and I try to recite the alphabet backwards and never use the speed dial on my phone because research shows that doing those kinds of things can actually reduce the chances of getting Altzheimer's disease. I want this blog to be something that my children and grandchildren can read to have a better idea of who I am and what crazy things cross my mind on a daily basis. For some reason today I was thinking about a dream that Jose told me about a few months ago. He said that in the dream I was given some kind of medication that inadvertantly turned my eyes brown. He said he woke up and was really sad. I had never thought about whether the color of my eyes mattered to him or not. It was so sweet to know that he would be sad if my eyes were no longer green. I want my grandchildren to know that their Papa loved their Nana's green eyes.