Thursday, September 16, 2010

The 80's called......they want their shirt back!

Our very clever daughter decided to have an 80's themed birthday party for her hubby a few weeks ago. He was born in 1980 and was turning 30 this year so it seemed like a fun idea to do the 80's party. My original idea was to dress like Olivia Newton-John in her "let's get physical" video and have my hubby dress up like Richard Simmons. The hubby was definately NOT into that I decided to have him channel the oldest brother from the movie "Goonies" instead and since I could not find the proper exercise ensemble ( if I had only known that I would need it someday I could have saved my shiney white spandex unitard and bright blue thong to wear over it that I actually wore to the public....*sheesh*) I went with the "old faithful" outfit of oversized denim shirt with ginormous shoulder pads ( I used folded up dish towels ) and black leggings with big hair and black heels. It was a really fun party and it seemed a shame to waste that amazing denim shirt I found. I mean come was embelished with puff paint! No one does workmanship like that anymore! So I decided to re-purpose the shirt and the awesome bandana that my hubby wore. I used up some darling western Michael Miller fabric that was left over from my grandson David's baby quilt to make him a fun boy apron. He loves to cook in his own little kitchen and help his Mom around the house. Not too shabby for shirt I paid $1.91 at the thrift store! One more Christmas gift to check off the list :)


  1. you two are sooo cute...You have that toe point down!

  2. He did not want to dress up at all! He was concerned that we were going to get a flat tire or something on the freeway and have to get out of the car in that outfit :)

  3. where are your leg warmers??
    At least you got him in a costume! My hubby doesn't do that I am a costumer. LOL