Friday, September 17, 2010

Where is the other one????

David was explaining that there should be two orange dinosaurs!

I could not help myself....I just couldn't wait until November to give David his orange dinosaur. Even my hubby kept asking me when I was going to take the dinosaur to David :) So I drove out to visit David and his Mommy today. Kristina has told me before that David has 2 invisible dinosaurs. Those silly dinosaurs are always doing silly things. Anyhoo....Nana only made one. Silly Nana! When I walked in the front door carrying David's new friend, he quickly grabbed him from me and said "My Din din" and gave me a look like "what are you doing with MY dinosaur?"  Then he wanted to know where the other one was! He even climbed up on his Lightning McQueen sofa and looked out the window to see if the other one was outside by Nana's car! He put the dinosaur on the carpet and pointed to where the other one should be! I love his imagination! It all turned out OK in the end because he explained to us that the other dinosaur took Mommy's car and went to get us some food :) I guess Nana better get busy making another dinosaur......
David was showing us where the "other" dinosaur should be :)


  1. The dinosuar turned out great! What a great gift for David! You are a great Nana!

  2. So sweet is Din Din and your grandson what fun to be their Nana you must have