Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Here come the BERS!!!!

We have some wonderful friends who introduced me to the term "the BERS". Like myself, Mike and Sandi LOVE all the months that end in "b-e-r". Ever since the first time I heard them say it, I have thought about them every year on September 1st and smiled :) For me, these months embody all my favorite things: cooler weather, sweaters, family, yummy food, visiting the pumpkin patch with my grandsons, and of course, Christmas! I tend to give away most of my craft projects but one of the projects I finished for myself this year was the 12 month kitchen towels. Every month I change out the towel in my kitchen :) Today is a very good day indeed! I am feeling so much better and I went to the
fabric store this morning and purchased some fabric
for my next projects. This dinosaur pattern is one
that I bought and made for my son when he was
a boy. It was 1983. Last year I made 2 of the
dinosaurs for 2 of his sons and this year I will be
sewing one for my daughter's little boy :) The
other pattern is by Heather Bailey to make a set
of stacking rings for my youngest grandson. I can't
wait to get started! I'll post pics when I'm done!


  1. I haven't heard of the "BERs" but I like it! the BERs mean fall and yummy fall foods like butternut squash soup and pumpkin dip. What's nit to like about that!

  2. Jilly...can I get your recipes for the soup and the pumpkin dip?????? Sounds delish!