Friday, September 24, 2010

4 Little Words

 When I see things that I like in stores I find myself saying "I could make that". Those 4 little words have cost saved my dear hubby untold amounts of money :) Who wants to pay full price for things they could make at home? Not Sir... So I find a new hobby. (Like I need more hobbies)A new way to bring extra income into the house. This is what I tell myself as I buy sterling silver findings, watch faces, swarovski crystals, jewelry tools, cases, display items, cute drawstring bags, the list goes on and on. The funny part is that if I had just bought the jewelry that I had originally wanted I would have actually saved money! So over the past few years I have done a few jewelry shows, sold some jewelry to family and friends and their friends. My beautiful daughter is having a holiday party at her home tomorrow and invited me to come along and bring some of my jewelry. So today I'm organizing some of the pieces that I have already made and I'll be adding a few more pairs of earrings. Maybe if I'm lucky somewhere in the next 10 years I'll break even on my investment.....or maybe even bring some extra income into the house :)


  1. I soooooooo know what you mean!!
    Good luck turning a profit at the party!!! I'm sure you'll sell it all!

  2. I've done the exact same thing! I did it with a friend so I don't even have the beads or jewelry to show for it. My husband and I still joke about it! I've pretty much decided that crafting is for fun and not for making money, at least for me.

  3. I am sure not getting rich from it. LOL Although, my aprons are bringing in a pretty penny....just enough to support my apron habit. LOL