Wednesday, September 15, 2010

A New Adventure

I know I've mentioned that I am inspired by the women of the blogosphere who share their creative ideas and challenge me to try new things. I've been wanting to try my hand at quilting, but my sewing and scrapbooking room is filled to capacity right now and I know a new hobby will make me a little crazy. I was told by my new friend Regena that quilting is not as hard as it may seem (that is of course unless you try to accomplish a mariner's compass - which I believe you need a license for in some states) and seeing Amy's darling red & blue quilt she made last Saturday gave me the challenge I needed to jump in. So I made these pillow covers for my couch in
fall colors. Did I mention that I love love love the fall?

I can change out the pillow covers with the seasons. It was really a fun little project and I'm super happy with the results. It's enough quilting to be fun for me without losing interest and wanted to pull out all my hair. Because one of the fabrics I used has script on it, I decided to keep my quilting lines horizontal. I also wanted to make these covers feel like they belonged in my living room, so I used denim as the borders to tie the fall colors, orange, green and brown,  into my reds, blues, and yellows that are in every room of my home. The backside is done envelope style in deep red broadcloth so I didn't need to use any zippers. I'm already thinking of what the Christmas pillow covers should look like..... 
backside of pillow cover


  1. yea you!! I prefer making the smaller quilts myself.....twin size and under. Keep with the straight lines and practice some piecing and then we'll get into some free motion!! Now that's some fun!!!
    You are sooooo organized, I never seem to get anything done. LOL

  2. Love those! I need to try that envelope style my zippers need help

  3. Your pillows turned out great! I've dabbled in quilting too. It's fun and only as complicated as you make it. I still go with easy.