Wednesday, October 6, 2010

"Dishes are done...Dude"

Around our house, movie phrases have worked their way into our everyday language. We borrowed the "Dishes are done...Dude" from the movie Don't tell Mom the Babysitter is Dead (which is a comedy...not a scarey movie) We use it to mean pretty much any task that we have completed. Other phrases we use alot is "I do not think that means what you think it means" from the movie Princess Bride or "are you sure about those 5 minutes?" from My Cousin Vinny. I could go on and on for hours with this. We laugh sometimes about how our conversations would
totally be different  without our fun movie lines. A few weeks ago I mentioned that I signed up for another apron swap with a fall theme. Well on Monday I received my Secret partner's info. She says that she loves all things fall. So I went shopping yesterday and found this great fabric with sunflowers, wheat, pumpkins, and apples with highlights of thin metalic gold. It seemed perfect! The colors are so rich and deep! Then I used red polka dots to add some fun and used the same golden yellow of the sunflowers for the lining. The apron is completely reversable! This super cute Retro apron pattern is a free download that you can find here. It's such a girlie pattern. I
love that the neck and waist ties slip through button holes and are secured with a knot. Just a little thing makes the pattern unique! This pattern (including cutting and sewing) took me about 4 hours to complete. Now I have to get the "tuck ins" done and then wait for the appropriate date to ship my package. But for now.....
Dishes are done.....Dude!


  1. dang!! You are fast! It loooks great!
    It'll take me that long just to lay mine out! LOL
    After I wash the fabrics, I'll have to iron, design my pattern to size and it will probably take my 4 hours to do the ruffles alone. LOL
    How can some people sew so fast and others be so slow? I am not fast.

  2. Here's the secret.....I don't design anything. I cut and sew. You my dear are the creative one. That takes time. You can't rush genius :)

  3. omygosh i haven't even thought about...course i'm working my butt off this week in Miami but really you're done? and it's soooo adorable too - your partner is gonna be sooo lucky!

  4. Thanks Amy! I only found this adorable pattern because of you! I do love the pattern...I'm definately making more of these. It's a fun one to sew :)

  5. Very cute! It makes me wish I had signed up! By the way we do the movie talk at my house too, though many of our quotes come from kid movies.