Monday, October 4, 2010

When did it happen?

The Birthday Girl :)
 There are alot of things that I just don't want to forget. But aparently there are also alot of things I just can't remember. It's amazing really how life changes in subtle little ways day by day. Things change a lot of times, without us really noticing or taking the time to make of note of it. Like when was the last time we had "story time" with our kids at bedtime? (They are 30 and 27 years old now )Why didn't we read a book together that night? Were they wanting to read their own books? Did we get home late from soccer practice or tumbling class? I don't remember. I do remember the book that was their favorite and they wanted it read to them night after night and because they knew the story so well I couldn't cheat and skip a page (even if Mommy was tired). Yep...Lamont the Lonely Monster was their absolute fav! And what does this have to do with my Mom's birthday? Well I was thinking about how everyone (even people at church) call her "Oma" instead of her name which is Dorothy. Oma means Grandma in German as well as in Dutch. She became Oma the day Brandon was born. Back then, I still called her Mom. But these days I find myself calling her Oma right along with everyone else :)

Just as I became Nana, the day Elijah was born. Nothing stays the same.  It happens Birthday cards and such.... Jose and I are Papa and Nana now. As far as the kids know, those are our names and you know what? That's totally OK with me :) We celebrated Oma's 74th birthday yesterday at my brother's house. 3 of her 4 great-grandsons helped her blow out her candle (which has become quite the tradition now for all our birthdays) It was really lovely to have everyone in the family together and we all  had a great time. This was a day I will certainly not forget! :)

For her birthday I made Oma another little Russian doll :)


  1. wow!! cool family and a buttload of stitching!

  2. Grew up with just my parents & my brother. Now with in-laws and grandchildren there are 14 of us! Woo hoo! We are blessed to all live close to each other so we get together almost every month for someone's birthday :) And as for the "buttload of stitching"....I stitch while Jose watches "shoot-em-up-everyone-dies" movies. Can you tell he watches ALOT of movies?

  3. that is so sweet to see "family" that like each I have a big family but we rarely ever speak or get together. Granted we are spread out all over the country so it's difficult.