Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Out of the Box :)

This was a busy morning for me. Had a bit of running around to do and didn't get home until almost 3:00pm. Over the past few weeks I've been using little pockets of time to cut out some of the projects I need to get done. I put the cut fabric & patterns into large zip lock bags until I'm ready to sew. Although my sewing time was limited today, I was still able to grab one of those bags and complete this cute napkin "box". It is sized to fit regular paper table napkins but you could really use it for anything you want. I used the same 3 fabrics that I used in the Fall apron. This is the first time I've made one of these and you can find the free pattern here. As far as patterns go, this one might as well have been written in Hieroglyphics. I'm not a quilter (and I don't speak quilt), so maybe you quilters could understand the directions, but I pretty much just had to "wing it". Thank goodness I could at least understand the measurements to cut the pieces! This is the first of the free patterns that I really have to say was not user friendly, for me at least. I've been trying out some really fun free patterns thanks to my crafty friend Amy! She keeps telling me about all these cool links and new things to try. This has turned out to be a very dangerous rewarding new friendship :) My apron package is ready to ship out  now and this will be the last apron swap I participate in - at least for a while. The best part of apron swapping for me has been meeting Amy and Regena! These 2 lovely ladies have me laughing out loud on a daily basis :) The 3 of us just seemed to share the same sense of humor and love of crafting. We didn't become friends because we were swap partners - we each had different partners. We got to know each other through blog postings on the apron swap blogsite. I know there are those of you who are blog readers, but never post a comment or get involved in things like these swaps...but let me encourage you to get "out of the box" and jump in! Every blog writer enjoys reading the comments left for them. You'll never know what new friendships are waiting for you and what new things you'll learn!


  1. Look at you, two links in your blog!! I am totally impressed!!
    AND, I feel the same way!! You guys are the best part of swapping!!!!! Your ability to get things done keeps me on my toes....I don't want to be left behind!!! Everyone needs a booty-kickin' friend or two!!
    (okay, that's as mushy as I get)

  2. I feel the love :) AND....there's 3 links in there!

  3. What a nice post! I've meet some amazing people through blogging. Some of them I consider to be among my best friends even though we haven't met in person. I'm glad you've found some special blogger buddies too!