Thursday, October 21, 2010

A Halloweenieday Treat :)

Halloweenieday...isn't that a fun word? I'm borrowing it from my friend Regena. A few weeks ago I won (yes....I actually won something other than 2nd place in a poster contest at the library when I was in second grade) these 3 fat quarters of Halloween fabric from Shawnee's Flirty Apron Swap! Although I'm not fan of the scary side of  Halloween, I do enjoy the fun costumes and pumpkins and all that. I thought it would be fun to use the fabric to make these cute little treat bags for our grandsons. I'm going to make popcorn balls and add a few little toys to each one and give them to the boys on Halloween. You can download this easy free pattern here. With 2 fat quarters you end up with 4 little fully lined bags. The ribbon handles should actually be a bit thicker, but I didn't have any that wide and I was impatient to finish them. I think they are cute anyway :) These would be really cute for Christmas as well, maybe to add a few sweet treats and a gift card?


  1. cute!! But make mine a really big trick or treat bag, K? I loves me some halloweeniday candy!

  2. Gosh...I remember being a kid and using our pillow cases as trick or treat bags. We'd come home with soooo much candy and then my brother and I would empty it out on the living room floor and sort through it and make the necessary "trades" and of course throw away all the apples (because they could be injected with something.....and who wants apples for Halloween anyway?) ew and the "home-made" treats from strangers.... ah...those were the days :)

  3. Yeah! Those sweet grandsons are going to love those little bags. Super cute!
    I'm so glad that your apron package reached you and I can do more than just stalk your blog now....LOL~