Tuesday, October 26, 2010

One Down.....and 4 (or more) to Go!

 With 8 Saturdays left until Christmas I have another project to cross off my list. I realized today that there will obviously be some things that I can't show on my blog because the recipients would see them and that would kind of spoil the surprise :) I have 4 more aprons to make and maybe a few more if I have the time to get them done in between sewing tiny felt dinosaurs and Cars pajamas. This is another one of my projects that I had previously cut out and placed into a large zip lock bag. It makes it sooo much easier to find the time to sew when I don't have to cut everything first. This apron is from McCalls M5551. I love all the pockets and that the straps run through casings in the sides of the apron. Makes it a bit more fun. The person who will be receiving this apron is not really a ruffles kind of girl and it's nice to have a pattern that is simple....but still special.


  1. I like it!! So will whoever gets it!

  2. I haven't made anything for the holidays yet. With just 8 weekends left before Christmas I'm afraid I won't get time to make even a fraction of the projects I want to make! I'm glad you're being productive though!

  3. Too cute!!

    Christmas apron swap is posted!