Monday, December 20, 2010

This and that.....

 I had so much going on last week. A lot of "this" and a lot of "that". So many sewing projects completed that I can't blog about just yet but I will share them next week. I did make these totally cute potholders for a friend of mine from this great free pattern I found over at I also finished a cute book marker for my friend Amy. I stitched in on 18ct lugana and then used Wonder Under to fuse it to some yellow polka dot fabric. I used 1/4 bias to edge it and added a sheer ribbon to the top.
On Sunday morning my blow dryer decided to spark and smoke (and stink) and die. So I had to use the little heater in the bathroom to finish drying my hair. It's totally awkward and heavy and I wouldn't recommend it long term but worked!
I mailed out this cute apron that I made for another friend of ours that does the graphics for our church every week. She is an amazing artist and we are so fortunate to have her help us out the way she does. She's a very hip and funky individual and I hope she likes the vintage fabric that I picked out for hte apron. 
And today I found this wonderful soft rubber thimble
at M & L Yardage. I have never found one that is
comfortable for
me to use because my brother smashed my finger
in the window sill (thanks Hank) when we were
kids and hard thimbles are uncomfortable. I end
up stabbing myself all the time while hand sewing
and cross stitch. Now with this cute little red
thimble....problem solved!

What a random blog entry this was.....*sheesh*


  1. no how in the world do you sew that bias tape on those potholders so perfectly??? and I love my book mark - I put it in my most prized possession, the bible my mom gave me years ago. It's the perfect home for it.

  2. You're gonna make me cry.....:) That is absolutely the nicest thing ever.

  3. ain't it just! you was a busy little beaver!!

  4. The potholders are mine!! wooo and hoooo and in tonight's mail. They are too nice to use!!! But I will abuse them after an appropriate fondle period. :-)

  5. You just made me snort...I'm not gonna lie :)

  6. Well Karen this is a great blog entry. If I want a good laugh I will picture you blowing drying your hair with the portable space heater (big fun; uh?). Karen did not share the photo of the beautiful, fun, chef's apron that she made for me, but I hope she will post a photo and share her creativity :-)! I absolutely love my apron. The potholders are too cute for words.

  7. I love the new red thimble and the apron is great. I love the cut of the apron. What pattern did you use?