Monday, November 21, 2011

Only 4 Saturdays until Christmas Eve!!!!

I almost had an anxiety attack when I typed the title today!
4 Saturdays????
I feel sooooo far behind. I need to get my planner out and go over my "to do" list!
I am happy to say that I finished this fun table topper for my Etsy shop this afternoon and I'll list in the next few days. I have a few more new items to list as well.
I realized that I enjoy the sewing , but I don't enjoy taking photos and resizing photos and listing items on Etsy....hmmmmmm

A few weeks ago I won 14 Christmas fat quarters and I was super happy to have them!
 I used 2 of them on this topper.
The white background actually has little dots and dashes that remind me of snowballs.
The red and white stripe seemed perfect for the binding :)

 I used solid red for the backing. Being new to quilting, I should have used red thread in the bobbin so that my wonky quilting wouldn't be so glaring on the backside.
I made a mental note for myself for next time :)
The pattern I used is called "Delightful" by Pieces of My Heart".
I used Christmas ribbon on the 3 ornaments
instead of using co-ordinating fabrics.

This is the f/q bundle I won!
Man I love the internet!!!
The rest of the fabrics for this topper came from my charm squares that I received from the Charming Christmas Swap. I "borrowed" my friend Amy's photo because I forgot to take a picture of mine. We received 56 different charms squares
 and I used all the pinks and teals and few co-ordinating pieces for this project.
Now what will I do with the rest????

This photo was "borrowed" from my friend Amy :)


  1. Oh, How I love your little quiltie! It's so sweet!

  2. That turned out really nice. I do love the striped binding...seriously

  3. Oh my goodness, what an adorable little table topper. I love it.

  4. What a fantastic win! And the table topper looks great!

  5. Karen the table topper is really gorgeous! I have seen the back of your work and 'wonky' is a term that can never be used for your creations, back or front. You create such lovely work and the attention to detail is outstanding :-)! I cannot believe that you only started quilting a few months ago :-)!

  6. the table topper is very very pretty. And congratulations on winning those wonderful fabrics!

  7. The table topper is beautiful.

  8. FOUR SATURDAYS!!??? You about gave ME an anxiety attack!!! I was thinking this had to be a post from last year.
    Stopping in from Show Me What You Got. This is too stinkin' adorable. Love the colors.
    I'm gonna go poke around the rest of your blog....
    FOUR SATURDAYS!!!!????

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