Tuesday, August 7, 2012

20 Saturdays left.......

20 Saturdays left until what?
Until Christmas of course!
Time to start thinking about the holidays 
and get those projects started!

I ordered this darling table topper pattern 
from the Fat Quarter Shop
and was hoping to use Phenomenal Fall by Moda
but apparently when USPS said my fabric 
 was "out for delivery" on Friday...
they were only kidding.
Seems that no one really knows 
where my package is at the moment.
I didn't want to wait
 so I decided to bust out some of the random
Christmas charms I received last year when I took part
in a Christmas charm swap.
I grabbed 15 charms that looked good together
and cut them into 2 1/2" squares.
You can also use those darling little 
"mini" charm packs available now on etsy and ebay.
This pattern takes 60 squares.
I'm glad I made this one today as a trial run,
because the pattern doesn't specify what size binding
to use and I used 2 1/2".
I'll try 2" on the next one.
Because my binding was a bit wide, 
the scallops don't show as well as I'd like.
It was FTS (fun to sew) until I got to 
the binding of the little scallops.
Not so much fun as it turns out.
Pretty darn cute though when it's done right.
You can see that my binding is sadly lacking.......

I'm not throwing in the towel just yet.
I have 60 more squares cut out and ready
for round 2 of my little scallop binding adventure.
Wish me luck!


  1. Very nice :-)! I like the scalloped edges.

    Boy howdy I would like to make some Christmas stuff, but I have absolutely no idea what to make. Oh, maybe Christmas stockings for the grand kids? That should be fairly easy; I think I will make some Christmas stockings. Thank you for the motivation :-)!

  2. Karen, it looks fabulous. Your colors work so well together.
    Great inspiration.

  3. girllllllllllll! you are a sewing speed demon!

  4. I have that same pattern I think! and I know I have the same charms from the same swap! Maybe I'll give it a go.
    Looks wonderful!

  5. 20 Saturdays until Christmas?!!! I hadn't even thought about Christmas! Now the pressure's on! Thanks, I guess, for the reminder! ;)


  6. I know! I've been making one gift per month and still feel behind. I love your topper, binding be damned... it looks good to me!