Monday, August 20, 2012

All kinds of fun stuff...

This weekend was another International Hermit and Stitch weekend.
So that's what I did as often as I could :)
Cross stitch is so wonderfully relaxing for me. 
I just love it.
I'm working on this "Love and Be Loved"
 by With Thy Needle & Thread.
I'm going to finish it as a  pillow for my bedroom.

I also had to share photos of my beautiful granddaughters
 wearing their new jumpers.
This is Sofie and her beautiful Mommy :)

And this is Evie (little Ms. Independent)
They are just so adorable I almost can't stand it! 

And before I forget,
here is my ORT (old ratty threads) jar
for my August TUSAL report.

And last but not least,
I'm going to be taking part if the Quilter's Blog Hop Party with Give-aways!
You can jump over to  to learn more about it
or just come back here on August 25th to see what I'll be giving away :)


  1. Very nice Nana :-)! I absolutely LOVE the jumpers. I should have know when I saw Miss Sofia Sunday that you made the outfit :-)! Yes the young ladies are GORGEOUS :-)♥!

    The cross stitch is so pretty.

  2. That chart you are working on is just beautiful...might be another one for the bucket list...*sigh*

  3. those littles girls are gorgeous in those jumper!

  4. That's a lovely project and your stitching is beautiful.

    Gorgeous granddaughters!

  5. Karen, thanks for stopping by my blog. You were asking a question about the map of Germany I'm stitching. It's a design by Sue Hillis and it's just called Germany. She has a series of maps.

  6. "Love and Be Loved" is beautiful so far. I cannot wait to see how you finish this piece because the colors are lovely :)