Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Friendship Stars

I'm so excited to have this table runner finished.
There are 4 stars,
one made by me,
and the 3 others made by my dear friends :)
We met doing an apron swap.
We became instant friends.
These ladies are a big part of my everyday life now.
We have shared laughter and tears,
births and death.
We encourage each other
and pray for one another.

Denise had a brilliant idea last year
when we attended the Quilt Festival together.
She suggested we each buy the same charm pack
and then make something and swap them.
Well it was my turn to choose the swap theme
so I chose stars.

I love the way that they are all coming together!
I also love the way that each of us
is using the stars in a different way :)
And best of all,
everytime I use this runner I am reminded of our friendship :)

This is Amy's star runner.
I love how she used brown for the sashing.
I would have never thought of that and it's beautiful!

This is Denise's table topper.
I love the square design and her fabric choices!

I don't have a picture yet of Regena's runner.
(come on Gena.....I need pics!!!)

For my runner,
I used this June Tailor fusible batting
that I bought at Joann's during their 50% off sale.
I wouldn't use it for a quilt that you sleep under,
I prefer Warm & Natural for those quilts.
But for placemats, mug rugs and table toppers,
I figured I'd give it a try.
It's pretty awesome!
You just use the steam from your iron 
to sandwich your project.
No spraying and it does the top and bottom
of your quilt at one time!
Easy peasy....no mess.

So now that I actually finished a project
it's inspired me to work on some other UFO's
and get them finished.
Here's a peek at what I'm working on today :)


  1. I Love your Table topper! it's so bright and cheerful compared to mine! Why is Regena taking so long??? Denise's is so cute. I love that shape of hers.

  2. I am slow and I have other things too, jeepers people..I am working on mine, just slowly.
    And it looks fab, love the prairie points.
    Yes, you may nag me twice a week until it's done.

  3. I am in love with your table runner! I have a weekness for prairie points. I love the idea of swapping with a small group too.

    I just might need to do a fall table runner similar to yours with the prairie points. So cute!!

  4. I LOVE our table toppers and can't wait to see how the next one with the dresdens turns out! Yours is beautiful too Karen!

  5. Looks beautiful. Especially love the prairie points! Very, very nice!

  6. Oh I love your runner, stars are my thing!

  7. Those are fabulous.Can´t wait to see the next one done -Great job done!1

  8. what a sweet swap idea, all the projects are beautiful!

  9. Very nice :-)! Each runner is unique.

  10. I love this idea - one charm pack so many variations - all of them absolutely 'charming' (excuse the pun).

  11. I love your runner! It's totally something I would have. The others are fabulous too! Can't wait to see Regena's! Thanks for sharing! :)

  12. I have so much trouble when piecing a quilt getting it to stay where I want it...even using 2 packages of quilt pins.
    I really must check in to this fusible batting.
    It's probably too much for my bitty budget but oh would be so worth it!