Thursday, August 23, 2012

Sweet Baby Girl :)

I spent the day yesterday sewing up these 7 pacifier leash sets
and matching drawstring bags.
I love the pink twill tape that reads "Sweet Baby Girl" on it.
Apparently I only had the ones for boys left in my shop.
Well that is just not fair, right?
These will be the last ones I make this year,
because I have lots of fun ideas for holiday stuff
coming up in the next few weeks.
I also have to get serious about Christmas gifts too.

When I went to M & L yardage today 
to pick up some more snap fasteners,
I stumbled across this fabric collection
that I tried very hard to walk away from.


I gave into temptation and brought some home.
The name of our Women's Ministry at church is Son Flowers.
How could I not buy this?
It says Son Flowers on it!
It must be a gift from above :)
I'll just keep telling myself that while
I stitch this into a lovely lap quilt for myself
one day in the very near future :)


  1. yep, it was God thing about the Son flower!
    Awesome sauce on the baby girl stuff. If Bella used pacifiers, I'd be all over the chevron and dots one!!

  2. good luck and i hope you sell everything quickly!

  3. beautiful, happy, cheerful ways to hold a binky!

  4. I LOVE the heart clips. The fabric combinations made me happy :-)!

    I am going to hop over to M&L and pick up some of the Son Flowers fabric. It is totally AWESOME :-)!

  5. Yes, you most definitely HAD to buy that fabric~~ You would have regretted it alot if you had not....And, I love the pacifer sets with the darling twill tape~ Nice post, Faye

  6. Sooo adorable!

    I took a look at your Estsy shoppe...WOW such gorgeous items and superb sewing!

    God bless