Thursday, August 16, 2012

so.....whatcha doin?

I should be working on an apron and potholders.....
but I'm not.
I'm doing a bit of quilt piecing :)

and a bit of cross stitch.....

what are YOU doing?


  1. nothing so fun. cleaning and waiting for the fan guy. I hope to cut some Dresden pieces out today and maybe a little embroidery practice. need to get me sewing stuff back up and running too

  2. lol I am procrastinating, reading your blog instead of quilting and doing laundry!

  3. I´m handquilting or was, cause now the cat is sleeping on the quilt!
    Gun, Sweden

  4. well I was working on an apron, the bottom ruffel is so long, I ran out of pins sooooo maybe later lol! love your blocks!

  5. Well this morning I worked on tea wallets for my mom's women's day at church. Then we went to take Baby Bear to see mom (great grandma) and we took him and his cousin to to Seal Beach. We had 'sew' much fun today :-)!

    After this evening's Bible study with Baby Bear's mom I will be back to making tea wallets. I still have to make about 30 more.

    Your squares are absolutely perfect :-)! They are 'sew' pretty :-)!

  6. Hi Karen :-)!

    This is my follower post for the give away. My favorite part about this time of the year is the 'family' feel.