Wednesday, January 9, 2013

And just a few Sheep :)

You may have noticed the blog button on my right sidebar
for Crazy Annie's Stitchin'.
Well, not only does she have an amazing assortment
of cross stitch goodness in her shop at wonderful prices,
she is also taking orders for Little House Needleworks
"Sheep Virtues" chart of the month club
as well as Eugenia Tuffet travels the world club by JABC.
Both feature adorable sheep.

(Yes.....I joined the Sheep Virtues club :)

Anyhoo....she asked me about making project bags
to go along with the theme.
So here are the bags and mug organizers
that will be sold exclusively through Crazy Annie's Stitchin.
You can read more details about both clubs
in her newsletter HERE 

You don't have to be a club member 
to purchase one of these bags.

I really enjoyed making these 
and I'm working on another design
with a more playful looking sheep for next week.
I like primitives, 
but I have to admit, 
I like bright happy prints more.

Just like my other project bags,
they are padded with Warm & Natural
and have hand stitched wool felt hearts for zipper pulls.


  1. the red is perfect!!! great job!!

  2. I love your project bag and the special touches you added

  3. The bags are a clever idea and so beautiful! How do you do it!?!?!?!

  4. These are SO pretty, Karen! I've been loving all the ones I've seen on your blog, but the sheep ones are extra special!! I'm putting one on my wish list for my birthday!!


  5. Congratulations to you, Karen - those project bags are gorgeous - that sheep fabric is perfect for the theme! I have to admit that I would prefer bright fun prints too, though :D

  6. Outstanding work Obi Wan :-)! How many project bags is it legal to own :-)?

  7. Thanks Karen for the post here....hope you can all stop by and pick up the sheep project bags or mug organnizers to match. do a terrific job at sewing...wish I could do what you do. So that is why when I thought up this idea of the sheep bags I came to you. I also got my mug organizer in the mail yesterday to match the tote bag you made the organizer. I had to put it right onto a mug just as soon as I got it out of the pkg. LOL I have it sitting in my office/craft room. Will be getting another one soon for my mom. Thx much.

  8. Congratulations.Your projects are just wonderful!!