Friday, January 11, 2013

Sewin' Machine!

I'm starting to feel like a "sewin' machine" :)
I don't think I've had a chance to spend this much time
behind the machine in quite a while.
I finished up another style of the sheep project bags tonight.
I'm definitely making one of these for myself.
Polka dots, giant rick rack and red......'nuf said :)
If you need one of these,
jump on over to Crazy Annie's Stitchin'.

I also finished up another apron for the shop.
This one is made from Organic cotton.
I'm not usually a "brown" person,
but I love these colors together :)

And last but not least,
I made 7 more mug organizers.
Remember you still have until the 16th of January
to enter my giveaway here to win your choice 
of one of these from my Etsy shop.
Which one would you pick?


  1. you ARE. a machine and that stuff is amazing...amazing

  2. it's all wonderful but the apron is calling me lol!

  3. You really have been sewing up a storm lately. I love all the mugs, they are way too cute. I really like the red heart on the zipper bag pulls, a very nice touch.
    Teresa's Heartfelt Stitches

  4. my favorite mug organizer is the red one with the tape measure on it. and I just saw your Minnie Flirt apron, so cute!

  5. Everything is beautiful, but that sheep print is over the top cute, lol!

  6. you are indeed a machine and I love the Make Life fabrics orgainizer! every thing is wonderful!

  7. Boy howdy Obi Wan you are a sewing 'machine' :-)! It is like in Matrix when Neo's operator said he was a can just keep creating and creating and creating times infinity! I think I might really need to have the brown organizer; it is cute and it is my wonderful husband's favorite color...a win-win situation :-)! I will hop over to your shoppe right now :-)!

    Karen I know that I am ALWAYS kidding around, but God has truly blessed you with talent and a love of sewing that shows in every unique project you create. You truly do inspire me. Thank you Obi Wan :-) ♥!