Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The kindness of others.....

Have you ever had "one of those days"
when you just can't wait to get home
so you can cry all by yourself?
Well, I sure had one today.
I was on my way home from the grocery store,
and I was within eyesight of the freeway on ramp
and my car died in traffic.
I mean dead, muerte, nil, nada.....
It suddenly smelled like something was burning
and the gas pedal didn't work 
I just slowly came to a stop in traffic!
First of all
I did what any woman with my skill 
and knowledge of cars would do.....
I panicked!
Cars around me started to honk at me
 as if I could do something about it.
My hazards are flashing for a reason folks!!!
One nice man stopped
 and helped me push it out of the way.

I was still shaking when  I called AAA.
They told me the tow truck would be about 30 minutes.

The nicest tow truck driver showed up 10 minutes later.
Super nice and funny too.
Win win :)
He said it looked like the engine was blown.
Praise God we've already done our taxes
and I guess I know where the refund is going.
But it could always be worse.
It could have happened yesterday coming home from Irvine
on the freeway going 75 miles an hour.
But it didn't.....
God was watching over me,
I feel thankful.
Shaken, tearful, but thankful :)
Once I was home I had a good cry
and I opened the door to collect my mail
and look what I found!!!
This lovely package from one of my online friends Connie!
Thank you Thank you Thank YOU!!!
If there was EVER a day for chocolate...
this was the day!

Look how cute she embroidered
my name on the mug rug!
I love it so much.
Yes.....I ate all the chocolate already :) 
Don't judge...
it was a stressful day.

And since I am talking about the kindness of others,
I'll share a picture of another package I received last week
from my buddy Amy.
The flannel will become some cute jammie shorts
and how cute is that angel?
There was also a bar of chocolate 
from her recent trip to Switzerland
but you can already imagine what happened to that :)
And a jar of Jalapeno jelly she made
that my hubby made quick work of.

So even though this is not the way
 I would have planned this day to turn out,
I am thankful for caring friends,
my loving family,
and most of all
my God who loves me and kept me safe :)


  1. OH MY GOSH!!! unfortunately, I know exactly how you feel. thanks God you didn't get hurt!!
    Sorry you gotta spend on not fun stuff.
    and I am glad you have some great crafty buddies to make your day!

  2. So sorry for your troubles! I would have done the same thing as you. I'm glad you made it through okay. That was so nice that your mailman brought you such crafty goodness from your blogging buddy. Chocolate definitely makes everything better! ;)

  3. oh, gosh.... my heart goes out to you! That is a very stressful day! However, how wise of you to find the good because it's always there. We just need to acknowledge it. I found your blog through the blogging party... yes, I still am making the rounds! LOL And so glad I did! If you get a chance, I would love to have you visit mine... I always enjoy chatting with new friends!

  4. Glad you are safe! Sending you lots of hugs!

  5. I am sorry to hear you had such a bad experience, but at least you are safe and some nice people helped you. Enjoy your gifts :) Lesleyanne xx

  6. I would have panicked too!! God was defininately watching over you and knew you'd need an angel. And what grace to receive a suprise when you arrived safely home!

  7. God moves in mysterious ways and things happen for a reason .... two of my favourite excuses. :)

  8. Good is sooooooooo GOOD :-)! I am glad you are safe and sound; the car can be replaced :-) ♥!

  9. Oh, the mug rug is beautiful!

  10. I would have been panicking too! Yikes, how scary for you! So sorry it had to be the engine. Yes indeed God was watching you! Love your new mug rug. Have a happy day!

  11. What a story! I am glad it had a happy ending. It always amazes me that God takes care of us in the littlest things and the biggest things. How he loves us!