Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Happy Wednesday!

Sorry I haven't posted much in the last few days,
but I've been filling orders for sheep bags and organizers.
I feel so blessed that there are people willing
to pay good money for items I make.
I am thankful.
God is good :)
Yesterday I made this fun organizer
 to match the project bag I sold last week.
The lovely woman who purchased the bag 
wanted a matching organizer.
I just really love the colors together :)


And don't forget to check back here tomorrow
to find out who the winner is of  the
You still have until midnight tonight to enter.

If you don't win,
don't worry!
 I'm hosting 2 more giveaways this month!
One on the 19th
and another one on the 29th
so check back to see what's up for grabs!


  1. nice job! can,t wait to see what you are hosting

  2. nice job! can,t wait to see what you are hosting

  3. Those sheep are so cute! "Ewe" pick the nicest fabrics! :o)

  4. The lady that wanted the matching organizer is a smart cookie - that's such an adorable print combo, and your goodies always look so nicely done and professional - I'm glad you're doing well with your sales - you deserve it! And to quote Denise, above ... ewe DO (dewe? :D) pick the nicest fabrics, lol!

  5. I LOVE the tiny rick-rack Obi Wan :-)! I cannot wait until my skill set allows me to add those kinds of fun touches to my projects.

    Every thing you make is worth every penny you charge :-) ♥!

  6. That sheep fabric is too cute!

  7. That sheep fabric is too cute!

  8. What a crackin idea for a little stitchy 'pot'!
    Nipped over frpom GYB and love yours!