Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Feelin' a Bit Scattered.....

"Autumn Sampler" by Waxing Moon Designs
I don't know about you,
but I don't like to start a new cross stitch chart
until I have completed the last one.
I've been working on this fun Autumn Sampler
and I need a specific Weeks floss for the corn,
and a DMC substitute just wouldn't do it justice.
I haven't had a chance to get over to 
Needleworks Ltd to pick it up
so I did the unthinkable......
I started another project!
I know right?
AND I've also been working on the fairies
that I showed you earlier this week.
I feel a bit scattered.

It's funny because I have no problem
with multiple sewing projects all at the same time.
But there is something about cross stitch
that makes me want to finish one, before I get into another.
"Red Crockery" kit by DMC
I'm not usually one to buy kits,
but this one came with the linen and
all the DMC floss already sorted out.
And the best part is
I found it on ebay for $9.99!
How could I NOT buy it?

Do you see those chickens?????
How cute are they?
The chickens are stitched 1 thread over 1
and the rest of the chart is 2 over 2.
Do you see all the red?????

I really had no choice,
but to buy it :) 

So are you like me,
a one chart at a time girl?
Or are you a 


  1. I am not a chart kinda girl, however, I am a one embroidery at a time kinda girl.

  2. When I cross stitched I worked on one project at a time because I am flakey around the edges and would never finish anything if I worked on more than one project at a time :-)!

  3. Crazily I am so ADD when it comes to projects, I am definitely a throw caution (caution?? that doesn't even enter the equation) to wind multiple project girl!

  4. I always have multiple projects going on and never enough time! That's always the way, isn't it??

  5. I acutally have that kit from DMC, I've been thinking of starting it this week. I'm a finish one before I start another kind of girl...same with sewing projects.

  6. I say throw caution to the wind! I must have at LEAST a dozen projects started around here!

  7. What a great sampler. I usually only do one needlework project at the time.

  8. Love the chickens and teapots. Way too cute.
    I really try to only have one project going at a time but it doesn't alway work.

  9. I bought this kit about a year or two ago and two days ago brought it downstairs to add to my rotation at the moment I am I have a lot of things in my rotation. I loved the fact that everything was ready to stitch in this kit

  10. Opps... I am a habitual offender - quick to start a project and slow to finish it... I just found a WIP started about 2 or 3 years ago! :D I knew I forgot about something...