Monday, October 7, 2013

Circa 1969

My mom gave me this photo on Sunday.
It's me in 1969. 
(Thanks Mom for the Oh so flattering Pixie haircut...sigh)
I was 8 years old.
Sewing in my jammies.
Which, oddly enough
is still my favorite way to sew :)
I still own this machine. 
It's a Singer Industrial Model 329.
I inherited it from her
when she upgraded to her monster industrial machine
that takes 2 grown men to move.
I can't remember a time when there wasn't thread
all over our house.
I fell alseep every night to the comforting hummmmmm
of her machine.

I've owned a few machines since then.
But I have to admit,
I haven't owned another machine that can match
the speed and beauty of the straight stitch
that this old Singer still delivers.

My daily companion these days 
is my Husqvarna Viking Emerald 118.
What is your machine of choice?


  1. Until recently, mine was the pfaff 7550, now I have a bernina 440qe and nothing beats an old singer straight stitch...I have two featherweights when I want perfection in a straight stitch and my elna serger. wouldn't mind a little bit bigger straight stitcher,

  2. I'm a simple girl and love to sew a thing or two with my ready..... Kenmore....really! I love it and all the features. It stitches like a dream...but I so love a singer and learned to sew on one.
    I just love that darn cute!

  3. My first machine was a brother and it was wonderful. Wish I had not sold it. All the rest of my machines have been Husqvarna Vikings and I love them. They are wonderful machines. Wish I had a good and trustworthy machine maintenance person.

  4. I have two Brother machines plus a Janome overlocker (serger) but my favourite machine I just love to sew with is my Singer 201K knee shift. She was made in 1923 and still sews beautifully. The Brother PQ1500 sews beautifully too, only straight stitch and extremely fast. Many years ago I used my Mum's Elna Lotus - what a great little worker that machine was! my younger sister has it now and it's still sewing away happily! when I want to really enjoy the sewing process, I use the old Singer 201K - you'll never see a straight stitch as true as this machine sews and she is so quiet! I always think of my Grandma when I use the Singer. She used a treadle (I also own one of those but it's not up and running just yet).

  5. I have a Janome Magnolia now but had a Morse for years. Heavy metal that weighs a TON! Very basic machine - straight forward/backward and zig-zag.
    And for the record....I had a pixie cut too - with the side burns! You are a cutie pie then and now!

  6. Wow does that sound familiar. My mom always sewed and I remember the hum of the machine too. My mom had a Singer just like it.Loved reading your story. Brought back memories. I have a picture of me and my brother in a 16x20 frame and I can't believe my hairdo. I have 2 brother machines and a Singer serger. I love them both.
    Donna from Blackberry Winter Crafts

  7. Such a sweet picture. Everyone had a pixie and it was flattering. My daily machine is Bernina 440QE. But the one in the closet is at least 50 years old--a Kenmore my husband would like me to get ride of. It still hums.

  8. Your childhood machine was a little more modern than the one I used at that age.The one I use most now is a Necchi BU from the late 40's or early 50's in treadle irons. Love how finely engineered it is and how well works!

  9. My mom had 4 daughters and she made all our clothing. Then, she taught us. I learned to sew on her Necchi-Elna, which replaced her treadle. One sister still has that machine. My machine is a Husqvarna Viking Lily. But for a beautiful straight stitch nothing beats my Singer featherweight (circa 1955). Her name is Annette. That's when Annette Funicello started with Mickey Mouse Club.

  10. I have a bernina and i love it!

  11. I love crafting in my PJ's. I was 10 in 1969 and had the same haircut for years.