Monday, October 28, 2013

What makes you happy?

What makes you supremely happy?
For me there are many things.
One of them is being organized.
Looking at my thread
sitting neatly in my new thread cases
(that I got for 70% off at Joann's)
just makes my heart happy.
Am I a neat freak
with my home ready for a surprise guest
at any given time?
(that's why I took the photo of my thread
in my kitchen and not my sewing room.....)

But just because my house is usually a mess,
doesn't mean I don't love it when it's neat and tidy.
But like most people,
I can't sew all day and have a spotless home.
Something's gotta give
and I'm lucky that my hubby is understanding :)

Here is a photo of my sewing room wall.
Makes me smile every time I look at it.

So what am I doing all day?
(because I can assure you it's not housecleaning.)
I'm working on some new tiny treasures
drawn for me by Michelle Palmer.
These little darlings are part of a custom
order for a special customer of mine.
I can't wait to show you when it's all done :)

And I finished up "Friendship" by LHN.
I can't wait for the next chart to arrive!


  1. 70% off at Joanns makes me happy (even when it's something I don't need, LOL) :) Making progress on a special sewing project makes me happy. The sound of crumbs being sucked into the vacuum cleaner makes me happy. Seeing an adorable wee just-turned-2 year old sweetie 3X a week when her mom parks in my driveway to walk to school, makes me happy. My son buying a house and taking care of all the associated work and preparation, makes me happy. Reading happy or fun or inspirational or just entertaining blog posts written by creative people makes me happy too :) Lots of things make me happy, and despite what my husband says, the glass is half full, NOT half empty!!! :)

  2. I can see why organized and colorful thread makes you happy! It's the little things. And the dream of being organized makes me

  3. I quiet night watching TV and stitching with my boyfriend by my side! That's what makes me happy :) Yup I'm a home body lol.

    Those chicks are the most adorable!

  4. is that container with red ebroidery floss a plastic holder for toys from a gumball machine? i use one for my tape measure in my purse! cute idea if it is one! i must try it. if it is not, where did you find it????? love all your stitching!!!!!

    1. Hi Julie! Yes it is a container that toys come in but it has a hole drilled in it and I buy them at Bird Brain Designs online.

  5. What makes me happy? Doing anything with my Rusty. He is my most favorite gift. =)