Friday, December 9, 2011

Have you joined the "Occupy" movement?

 Yesterday was my day to "Occupy Your Sewing Room" :)
It was fun to set aside a day to get some projects done.
I made this little jacket for my youngest granddaughter Evie.
I used "Little Uptown Girl" pattern by Make It Perfect.
The pattern comes with all the sizes from 0 to 5
which is awesome
but I have to admit (I'm lazy) and I don't enjoy tracing
all the pattern pieces onto wax paper before I can actually cut.
The way the pattern is done there are pieces on both sides
of the paper so you can't cut into it even if you wanted
the pattern for only one size.
It went together fairly quickly, but this pattern is for an intermediate to advanced sewer.
You have to have some knowledge on how things go together and how to finish certain things.
 At the end of the project you sew both the outer
jacket and the lining together.
Then you pull the jacket to the right side
through one of these tiny sleeves.
It kind of reminded me of childbirth.
I love the finished project! I can't wait to see Evie's little face
smiling back at me from under that hood!
I have to cut the entire pattern again in the next size up
for little Ms. Sofie :)

Last year I made this fun Christmas apron for my daughter.

And yesterday I made this sassy Christmas apron for my daughter in law :)
I used the "Pretty Ditty Apron" pattern by Jamie Christina.
It's such a figure flattering apron.
I just might need to make one for myself next.....
It makes me happy to think of them making breakfast on Christmas morning wearing
these fun aprons :)
All in all it was a productive day!
I still have so much to do!

Hopefully I'll have more to show you tomorrow because tonight
is the Friday Night Sew In!
Are you playing along????


  1. Everything is beautiful! Love the little jacket and Evie will look beautiful wearing it!

  2. You know, I could rock a jacket like that. LOL
    You have been soooo productive, I am getting all jealous here!
    Great job!

  3. I wish I could occupy my sewing room. But with nursing a 2 month old, and stay at home mommy to two 2 year olds... I don't get the time. I try to spend an hour at least a day in my sewing room... and love it when I can get a little more time in. Your coat is adorable!

  4. I did get seing time yesterday and got to occupy my sewing room for a few hours due to our unexpected day off from school. It was great. I love Evie's little coat. It's so cute!

  5. Wow!! Everything looks great! I especially love the little girl's jakcet, I suppose because after five little grandsons I now have two new granddaughters and two more on the way this month! I've been ooohing and aaaahing at all the adorable little girl patterns out there, and there are such cute fabrics out for kids right now! Thanks for sharing! Trudy

  6. Cute jacket! I've been 'occupying' this week too.

  7. I absolutely LOVE the jacket!!! It turned out soooooo cute!!! I can't help but take some credit for it though as I steered you towards those fabrics! ;p I really love the new apron you made too! It definitely looks like a figure flatterer! I may have to get that pattern. Whose enabling who now? ;p

  8. I haven't sewed on Friday night in months. But you have been, I love both those jackets. You're a wonderful seamstress.

  9. Love the coat and the aprons. Great job.

  10. Oh my gosh, that jacket is just darling! The fabric is really sweet. And the aprons are wonderful, too!! :)

  11. Just love that little coat - the fabrics are so fun! Very nice aprons too, lovely work and thank you for sharing.

  12. What a darling jacket for your granddaughter! Nicely done!

  13. Adorable jacket! Your little grand will love it!

  14. Oh I can't help but gush over the grand-daughter coat you made! Simply darling! Our little girl is due in January/February and I just can't wait to start sewing stuff for her! Very nicely done this week!

  15. Great job, I love the coat --do they a pattern for big girls like that?

  16. Yes Joy, you can find the pattern in size 6 to 10 yrs here:

  17. Hello Karen,

    Love the jacket especially. You did well on the sew-in.
    happy days.