Friday, March 30, 2012

It's Sandwich Time!

My mom gave me a copy of her flight itinerary yesterday
and I had the immediate sinking feeling in my stomach
when I realized that I only have 17 days to get this quilt done!
I've asked her to take it with her to Germany
and give it to her sister for me.

What was I thinking?????

So now I've got this little quilt sandwiched
and ready to go :)
Good thing it's only a lap quilt! 
I also finished up the pajama shirts
for my 4 grandsons.
They are already wearing the pants.

Anyone else dislike making button holes
or is it just me?

Oh well...another project done :)


  1. Karen the quilt is absolutely beautiful. Your Tia will love it :-)!

    As always I learned something too; how to layout the backing and batting to tape the quilt to the table.

    Thank you :-)!

  2. You done good! the jamjams are cute, the quilt is can get it done no prob!!

  3. Don't worry Karen. You'll get it done! Can't wait to hear your aunt's reaction to it. I'm sure she'll love it! :)

  4. Good for you!! The lap quilt is soooo wonderful..I love all the cheery!

    Me..I avoid Button holes as much as possible...even to the point of using velcro and the button on top! LOL

    I have a daughter in Germany at this time and I was born there!

    God bless

  5. The quilt looks fabulous. I think you could finish it! I love the pajamas. I need to make some for my son. It certainly would be more fun than buying them.


  6. Beautiful top~ the colors are fabulous! I know the boys will love their shirts, too. I don't mind buttonholes so much now that I have a pushbutton on my machine that makes 'em for me!
    I know you'll git er done!

  7. even though my machine does all the work for me I still wont deal with button holes lol! maybe one day!the quilt is adrable, you buzz around that sewing room more than a bee buzzes around a flower lol!I could use soem of that sewign energy!