Saturday, March 24, 2012

A Very Happy Saturday!

Last night turned out to be
 a very productive sewing night for me!
I was able to assemble all the kite blocks
for a little quilt I'm working on.
Maybe I'll get a chance to complete the quilt top
this coming week and add it to my ever growing
collection of unfinished projects :)
I also found what I think is the perfect red fabric
for my bedroom quilt.
It has both the shades of red I need and I love
the small floral print! 

And then today my handsome hubby and I
took a small road trip to Carlsbad.
We had a picnic lunch
and then went to some of our favorite
antique stores and even found a new one!
How stinkin cute are these Russian nesting dolls?
Can you believe the amount of hand painting that
someone did on these little beauties?
I mean the detail in the eyes is insane!
Look at that teenie tiny one!
Can you believe that I only paid $2.95 for this set?
I know right?

And then my hubby found these Delft hand painted
salt & pepper shakers in the shape of the Dutch row houses?
I love Delft, but not the traditional plates with windmills.
I collect unique pieces that speak to me
and these were screaming my name!!!

All in all, a terrific weekend so far!
Hope yours in wonderful too!!!


  1. How fun! I didn't knowmyou were doing kite blocks. What or who is the quiltie for?

  2. Looking good! Can't wait to see the finished project.

  3. kite blocks are cute, can't wait to see the red one, you alwasy inspire me to work on my quilt projcts

  4. Very nice :-)! I am glad you had a great weekend :-)!

  5. Me alegro lo hayas pasado tan bien este fin de semana. Las compras son de lo más bonito, especialmente esas muñecas tan estupendas.

  6. What an awesome Saturday you had! yay! love the S & P's!