Saturday, March 17, 2012

Friday Night Sew In #11 - Pajama Jam

Last night was the 11th time I've taken part in the
Friday Night Sew In :)
It's always fun to know that all over the country
fellow crafters are all sewing together :)
A few weeks back Joann's had all their
flannel on sale for $1.99 yd instead of $6.99 yd.
That means I can make a pair of pajamas for only $3.98!!!
Well sign me up!!!
I have 4 grandsons
who are all in need of new jammies...
or as the youngest calls them "shammies".

I managed to finish 3 pairs of pants and 2 shirts.
I have 1 pair of pants to finish and 2 more shirts
and then all the buttons and button holes.
I flipped the shirt facings to the outside
and used co-ordinating piping to add a bit of fun :)

Hope you all had a lovely Friday night!


  1. Wow! So nice (and so much)!

  2. I want some, they are just fab u lous!

  3. Cute-ness! love the piping - one day i'm going to try doing that...

  4. Those fabrics are perfect for little boys! and the timing of the sale was really great too!
    I managed to get some FNSI action happening here too - and the idea of being part of an international sew-in is really fun!

  5. Perfect. The flannel is lovely and the prints couldn't be more appropriate. You've worked very well, so much done in only one night. Lucky grandsons.

  6. What awesome pjs and what a deal on the fabric. I will bet they are much appreciated.