Friday, March 23, 2012

Why don't she write?

I know I've mentioned it before,
but my hubby is a movie lover.
Especially westerns.
And I've also mentioned that in our family
we use lines from movies in our everyday conversations,
(probably too often :)
In the movie "Dances with Wolves"
there is a scene where they come across people
who were killed by Indians
and the guy says to Kevin Costner,
"Someone back home is wonderin'
Why don't he write?"
That's the line that kept
running through my head  this week
because I haven't had a chance to post here on my blog.
It's been a busy week for sure
and I haven't even touched my sewing machine!
I did manage to lay out my layer cake of
"Shades of Blue" by Moda.
I bought this layer cake, a jelly roll, a charm pack
and some yardage when I stumbled across this fabric
some months back.
It's an older collection and hard to find
but perfect for my bedroom!
We have a black wrought iron bed frame
and I can already imagine this becoming a quilt!
I'm planning to include more reds (shocker I know)
to round it out.
But for now the hard part is deciding on a pattern. 
And now for the reason I haven't been posting this week.
Actually.... 6  wonderful reasons: 
Elijah :)

Caleb :)

Gabriel :)

Sofie :)

David :)

and Evie :)
What could be better than this?


  1. Those are the best 6 reasons ever for not writing! Don't ya love being a Nana?!

  2. All of the kids are totally GORGEOUS Nana :-) ♥!

    I cannot wait to see the quilt! We are re-doing our bedroom and there is a high probability that your creative genius will inspire me to make a quilt for our bedroom. You have already inspired me to make 2 table runners for our new dresser and I thought I would NEVER catch the quilting bug :-).

    As always, thank you for sharing your ideas and creativity :-)!

  3. Hello Karen! Welcome back! :) You were missed! Taking time to be grandma is definitely a good reason for your absence. :) That's some gorgeous fabric you have there! I definitely agree you should add some red. ;) Didn't you pick a pattern out of a magazine for your bedroom quilt a few months back? I seem to remember you sharing one... hummmm.... Can't wait to see what you decide on! Have a great weekend! :)

  4. Those fabrics are wonderful! Can't believe I missed them!

  5. I couldn't think of 6 better reasons. Such happiness!