Friday, March 16, 2012

A Fabric Fast in my Future?

Yesterday I spent the better part of the day
organizing my sewing room......again :)
Above are my fat quarters, half yards,
charm packs, and in the zipper bags
I have fabric  bundles for quilts that are waiting to be born :)
This is my fabric stash of "1 yard and up" fabrics
wrapped around comic book boards.
It makes me happy to look at it :)
The messy fabrics at the bottom are
home decor weight fabrics that I use
for tote bags and pillows and such.
Seeing all this makes me realize that I have
more than enough fabric to last me a while.
I keep seeing new collections
 that I instantly fall in love with
so in order to make room for new fabrics,
 I absolutely have to use up some
of my stash fabrics.....pronto!
So my plan is to go on a fabric fast
and not buy any new fabrics
until I make a dent in what I already have.

And with that in mind,
I used a few yards from my stash
and made these 2 new grocery bags.
The one with the roosters and red and cream striped canvas
is definitely for me
and I made the green canvas one
just because it's fun!
I used my favorite Keyka Lou pattern.
It's so FTS! (fun to sew).
I never get tired of making these.
You can make one in under an hour 
and I always get so many complements
at the grocery store :)


  1. I love your grocery bags! So pretty! Lucky you to have such a stash! It looks like lots of fun sewing in your future...enjoy!

  2. YOU can make one in under an hour, that means 3 in Regena speak.
    How much for you to come and do my sewing closet????

  3. oops, sophie was signed on, it was really me!

  4. Fabric is fun and beautiful and makes us smile. Fasting.....not so much. Love your totes!

  5. Oh wow -- you have any seamstresses dream of fabric stashed for future use! Lots of pretty prints going on here! Love the bags you made and the materials you combined to make them! So pretty!

  6. Te ha quedado preciosa; he estado viendo la tienda de patrones y creo que voy a pedir uno de ellos.

  7. I love how organized your stash is! Most of my fabrics are less than a yard so it limits how I can use them up. The bags look great, too! :)