Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Off and running!

So here we are in 2013!
I'm super excited for this brand spankin' new year!
I feel like I'm off and running to get things done :)

You may have noticed the new button in my sidebar.
It's the "In Your Words" blog hop
and I'll be taking part on Monday January 7th!
Stop on by to see what it's all about
and enter my giveaway!

In the meantime I wanted to show you 
a few items I've been sewing the past few days.
I know you've seen these mug organizers here before
but I'm making them for my shop right now.
I have these done and more to come :)
They are so handy for craft supplies
and even make-up brushes!

I also whipped up a few more potholder sets :)

And a few more business card wallets.

I'm working of some really fun projects that are not quite ready yet
and I can't wait to share them with you.

What are YOU working on?????


  1. Good morning :-)! I love the cup organizers; I will have to buy one. If you think of one I might like let me know :-)!

    I am looking forward to a fantastic 2013; God willing :-) ♥!

  2. I'm working on trying to find my house underneath all of the seasonal junk lol! x

  3. love all the projects you've got going, especially the pot holders!I'm repearing a big old Annie for my neice, working on 2 quilts & trying to get a grip on the sewing room once again

  4. The mug caddies.. I made 2 for Xmas presents

  5. I'm working on getting a bunch of stash fabric used up before we head down to Florida in March, as I'm planning on doing some serious fabric shopping then, HAHA. I want to finish up some UFO's and try some fun new projects in 2013 - those are my goals!

  6. Love your mug caddies. I really need one of those on my sewing table.
    I'm doing some needle turn blocks, I pretend to make a table runner. The pattern is from Kim Diehl.

  7. I'm working on the Across the Pond Sew-Along bird pin cushion - there is always room for another pin cushion.
    I love the mug organizers - what a brilliant idea and so nicely made.

  8. Love my cup organizer and I'm sure all your beautiful creations will sell like hotcakes!

  9. Your projects are so pretty, and I'm not "biased" at all! Your workmanship is the fabric picks, too! I have one of the mug organizers that my friend made for me, and it is my favorite sewing organizer. I'm getting busy making pincushions and pillow this month.

  10. Your projects are super cute .I`m sewing some
    "blue" Dear Jane blocks!

  11. how do you get so much done!! It's all so awesome.

  12. I love all the goodies you are working on and have I'm in the kitchen...but in my bag are some ruffle yarns that need knitting! Happy New Year!