Thursday, July 14, 2011

I really love Thursdays!

 I love Thursdays! I really do!
 I always tell my hubby that Thursday is the best day of the week!
Why you ask?
Because by Thursday I have all my grocery shopping, laundry and housework is done!
(oh who am I kidding....I don't do much housework)
But most of all, Thursday is the only day during the week that my Chiropractor is closed.
I've been seeing him for 11 years.
He has helped me so tremendously.
After just 2 months of seeing him 3 times a week
I was able to get rid of all my pain meds, including Vicadin.
So why am I happy that he's closed on Thursdays?
 Because although he is amazing, getting adjusted when you have Fibro is always painful.
 It's like going to the dentist on a weekly basis.
You know you need to go, but you also know it's going to hurt.
So I do a happy little dance on Thursdays :)
And today I had a lovely quiet morning to do a bit of sewing.
I made this bright and fun apron for my etsy shop.
I used my "Cute Apron Tute" for the bottom 1/2 of the apron,
and the bib is from the Sweetwater apron pattern.
The black fabric with the tiny flowers was purchased over
15 years ago so it's kind of hard for me to part with it.
This apron makes me happy.
If it doesn't sell, I'm totally fine with keeping it for myself :)
Happy Thursday everyone!!!


  1. Hi I am a new follower. I saw on another site someone made a zippered bag and thanked your blog. I have the material and zipper and wanted to make one but was afraid, View your directions and now I am ready to start. I am also going to make a matching tissue holder.
    Teresa's Heartfelt Stitches

  2. I am in love! This id my favorite apron yet :)

  3. I love those little chickies! Happy Thursday!

  4. I loved them so much that I just couldn't resist! I can't wait to find them in the mailbox!

  5. The apron is very cute! I've been meaning to try your apron tute, of course I haven't done any sewing in weeks now. I started going to a chiropractor last fall, it does help.

  6. Love this apron. Thanks for linking up to Bacon Time. Going to post your give away on Monday. Thanks again. Have a great Sunday. Hope the little one is doing well.