Monday, July 11, 2011

Perle Cotton Bubbles? Who knew?

Being new to the whole quilting thing, I've been looking around the net for blogs with info on hand quilting with Perle Cotton thread. I'm almost done with Evie's quilt and I used DMC size 5 thread. I really love the way it looks but I'll be honest, it is a bit tough to pull the needle through the fabric especially at the seams where you have multiple layers of fabric and batting. I found that many hand quilters use DMC size 8 which is still very strong but a thinner thread. I'm hoping that it will make it easier to pull through the quilt. Size 8 comes in balls instead of skeins and I like the idea of not having to wrestle with a skein of thread while trying to keep it from getting tangled. When I googled DMC size 8 thread to find the best prices (because I hate to pay full price on anything!) I came across and not only did they have the thread, but they suggested the "perfect" size needles to use with size 8 Perle cotton! But the coolest thing on their site are these awesome Perle cotton "Bubbles"!  These fun little bubbles keep your thread clean and organized with a small hole to pull your thread out! How cool is that? And at only $8.00 for 12, what's not to like? You can also buy them in singles for $1.00 each. On the website the lids are different colors but can you imagine my excitement that mine came today all in red? Yeah....I'm a happy crafter! 


  1. Hmm, wonder where I can find those in Australia as I think I need some! Thanks for the tip :).

  2. Those are so cute! I haven't really used perle cotton much, but I kinda wanna get some just to get those cute lil' bubbles. :P

  3. How fun!!!!!
    I think I want to try the pearl cotton hand me at your house!!!
    I wanna play before I pay!

  4. That is a great tip. I recently started hand quilting myself, I just might try drilling a hole in an empty pill bottle for my spool of thread since I am using traditional quilting thread. I have found that a very fine sharp needle gets through the seams well and I have a thimble for both hand just in case it gets stubborn. They have those little bubbles in the junk vending machines at the grocery and the mall a lot of times you can get them for $0.25, but some are $0.50 depending on the prize.

  5. that is brilliant....seems like my biggest problem with those spools is the unraveling and tangling....thanks for the tip

  6. HI Karen,
    I am looking for pearl cotton tread on a spoon of 150 yards, size 5 and in all sorts of colors, also variegated colors, do you happen to know where I can purchase some.