Tuesday, July 12, 2011

This little piggy.......

Yesterday I wasn't feeling well, so I spent most of the day hand quilting Evie's quilt. I have trouble sitting still. I've never been one to sit and watch TV or movies. I have to always be doing something. One of my new blogger buddies, Mindie over at Bacon Time had seen the little owl pendants in my etsy shop and asked me about making a piggy pendant for her.
I guess by the name of her blog you can tell that pigs are kinda "her thing" :)
Yesterday was a great day to get it done.
I love working with wool felt!
 Today this little piggy will be on her way to her new home :)


  1. Awesome sauce
    you need a spockie, no? LOL

  2. Cute! and who doesn't like a bit of pork around their neck?!

  3. D, that just sounded so wrong
    hey, do you guys remember pigs in space from the muppet show? LOL
    yes, everything reverts to sci fi with me. :-)

  4. Way cute lil piggy! Hope you are feeling all better :)

  5. Hope you are feeling better too, and yes that little piggy is on her way to me! Lucky me!

  6. BTW, got your button up and it looks great, also have your post ready to go for Monday, thanks again for the give away and my pendant.

  7. I fixed it, and that was the weirdest thing. I checked it was linked to you last night after I made it. I didn't even have to change it, it was fine the button, just had to move it away from "kissed by a frog" all ">" are in place not sure why, but it works as long as it's not by that other button. Sorry and sometimes I just have to scratch my head, because it doesn't make sense why it would do that.

  8. Simply adorable! I'm sure she will love it!