Saturday, July 9, 2011

Make Life Fresh!

Yesterday I spent the afternoon with my daughter and 4 of our 6 grandchildren at the pool on a lovely sunshine filled day in Irvine! Our 2 oldest grandsons, Elijah and Caleb learned to swim underwater,


and the next in line, David, is not far behind his cousins!

Elijah and Caleb take the plunge!
It was so much fun to have a day in the pool and to see my beautiful daughter relaxing in the shade with her beautiful little Evie snoozing peacefully in her stroller :)

Evie looks happy, doesn't she?

Well, I realized when I got to to the pool that both April and Kristina had packed the kids' towels and lunches in the fun bags I made for them for Mother's Day and I had my stuff in the old bag I got for free when I ordered some scrapbooking supplies years ago. Why is it that the cobbler's family never has shoes? So I decided when I got home that it was time for Nana to have a fun pool/beach bag too :)

I had to include my sun hat in the photo because I was wearing it yesterday and my 5 year old grandson, Caleb looked at me and said " that a Sombrero?"

I used the same pattern that I used for the Mother's Day beach bags - Simplicity 9658 View C. I love the size of this bag! I added extra pockets inside. I used dark blue denim for the base and the handles and Sweetwater green dots on cream fabric for the outside. You know I had to use one of my Sweetwater labels :) I used Anthology floral fabric for the lining. I love that I have a fun beach bag now too! Maybe I'll actually keep this one for myself instead of giving it away :)


  1. Very nice :-)! I am glad all had fun at the pool.

  2. Snazzy pool bag and looks like it would hold a big towel.

  3. I know, right! I keep trying to make stuff for myself and it just never ends up being mine or i stop and do something for someone else. I feel ya!
    Great bag!!

  4. Another bit of Karen goodness! Love the bag!

  5. That is too cute! I have an apron topper almost done using that same line of fabrics.

  6. Beautiful bag! How nice to have one of your own!

  7. The kids look like they were having tons of fun and little Evie is beautiful! Love the bag! It is funny how we make things for other people but never for ourselves. Good for you for making a bag for you!

  8. this is a very pretty bag. I love the polka dots.


  9. Great bag! I usually end up keeping the first of things for myself since I tend to mess up on the first when I make something new, but you should definitely have a great bag for yourself too.