Saturday, January 21, 2012

Friday Night Sew In #10....The Good, The Bad and The Ugly.....

Last night was my 10th Friday Night Sew In and I spent
the majority of the evening working on the borders
 of my Hideaway Quilt.
I ended up having an allergic reaction to butternut squash
that made me cut my evening a bit short.
(weird....I know)
I finished the borders this morning.
From a distance, it looks pretty cute.
I've decided that I'm going to show you the
"wonk factor" up close and personal.

If you are squeamish...
you may want to cover your eyes....

Here's the good....

the bad.....

and the ugly.....

I learned a lot during the process of making this quilt
and I'd like to think that if I made the same quilt again today,
it would come out better.
That's what learning new things is all about :)
When I was a little girl and first learning to sew,
my mom (the professional seamstress) used to say to me
when I was disappointed about the outcome
 of a garment that I sewed that was a bit wonky:
"walk fast and no one will notice" :)
Ah....words to live by!


  1. I love this post!! and you quilt, all of it is fun!!

  2. Never truer words were spoken!! I find we are always hardest on our own creations that other people are but I think your quilt is lovely!

  3. I like your quilt wonky and all.
    My mom use to say "No one will ever notice on a galloping horse". Not that anyone we knew had a horse.
    Teresa's Heartfelt Stitches

  4. I love your quilt no matter what.A quilter frien of mine says:
    It doesn't matter how it look as long as you has fun doing it! I think she's absolutely right.

  5. and truly, from a distance, I'd never have known! I just finished a top today...and all my points aren't perfect, but I figure no one will ever know. =)

  6. This is a beautiful quilt! And no one will ever notice what you call ugly! I made my first ever border (a newbee), for the FNSI and struggled with lining things up. And I didn't give a close up of my ugly ;-)

  7. Long ago when I took quilt classes, the little old lady teaching said the saying was, "Anything that can't be seen by a man riding by on horseback is okay." According to her rule, my quilts and yours are gorgeous!

  8. I like your mom's advice! Really your quilt is beautiful and no one would ever notice, except you're like me and point it out. I just can't help myself, I always do the same thing.

  9. The border looks so great with the blocks. Was there something wrong with the block, oh I just call those character and whimsy blocks. I have yet to make a perfect quilt. I can get a few perfect blocks but they are always near a less than perfect one and usually I will have at least one scary block in each quilt.

  10. The quilt looks great! As my Nana used to say "If you don't mind then it doesn't matter as you're the one who lives with it".

  11. In the theatre we use the "8 foot rule"~ the average distance from the actor to the patrons in the front row is 8 feet so that's my standard! LOL! Your Hideaway is beautiful-I love the fabrics and that border is just right. Great job! I hope you're all well again, too~

  12. love it! I think any challenges we stumble upon in quilting gives our quilts that much more character.

  13. My mom's saying is,it adds character! Love your fabric choices for this one. It is super pretty :)

  14. Such a brave soul you are! I still love it! :)

  15. Again, i think its beautiful and I love the border... I think the wonky-ness just adds character and you can't even tell until you point it out. ;-) We are our own toughest critics.

  16. I think its just beautiful...just the way it is!

  17. Yo pienso que ha quedado maravilloso y a mi personalmente la miopia no me deja ver esas cosas feas que tu dices.

  18. It's amazing! Who would ever notice the wonk?!? Your fabric choices are fabulous and no one will ever see what you see...they will see what I see!!

  19. Some of my quilts have been in hiding for years...until I can look at them and forget where the mistakes are...I finished 4 of them so far this year! Yours is lovely...