Friday, January 27, 2012

Last day of the Sew Along & A New Giveaway!!!

Wow! It's hard to believe that 4 weeks
have already gone by!
Tonight I'll be picking the winner of the
$75.00 Gift Certificate from Fat Quarter Shop!
You have until 10:00pm to post your projects
Also, just a reminder,
don't forget to use those coupon codes
from the very generous etsy shops before they expire!

I hope you guys have been having fun!
I've been so impressed with all the great
projects I've seen on flickr!
You are all so talented!
I'm going to miss hearing from you guys!
I hope you'll still stop by and say "hello" from time to time!!!

My hubby asked me to make 2 more
cup cozies for the ladies who work in his office.
These are super FTS (fun to sew)
so yesterday I made the pink "Hello Kitty"
and the green & brown one for them.
I made the red one for me :)
I do loves me some hearts!

And now for the Giveaway:
This has been so much fun that I was
planning on doing "Christmas in July Sew Along"
as a way to get a jump start on Christmas gifts.
I'd like to know who would be interested in joining.
I also need to know if any of you have taken advantage
of the coupon discounts to the esty shops.
I'll be giving away a cup cozy
very similar to the red one shown above.
You have 2 chances to win it.
#1 - leave a comment and tell me if you would be interested
in the Christmas in July Sew Along
#2 - leave a comment telling me if you used the coupons
from any of the etsy shops during this sew along.
That's it. Easy peasy.
You have until Sunday night at midnight to enter.
I'll announce the winner on Monday morning.


  1. A Christmas in July sew along would be great! Knowing that I wanted to be able to post at least something each week has kept my mojo going this month...even though I've just done a few small projects I've had so much fun learning the in's and out's of my new sewing machine and serger.

  2. Yes!! I would love to do another sew along!

  3. I've used swellcloth and I am using zipit today. I've been trying to use it all week, but I just get all caught up in what colors I want to get and then run out of time before I order. LOL

  4. kinda of sad to see it come to an end lol ,I've really enjoyed getting my creative juices flowing again, I've been workign on the picnic quilt & the little squares are trying to give me fits lol!

  5. I would love to do a Christmas in July sew along or a Valentine's one and a St. Patrick's one and a Spring Showers one, and Cinco de Mayo one (ok, one every month). Even though I've only done a few small "getting to know my machine's" projects I've enjoyed having that extra push to sew something each week!

  6. I hadn't looked at the shops until today, but I just finished ordering from zipit. I got a 6 inch assortment and a 16 inch assortment. Even without the coupon code their prices are CRAZY compared to the craft stores in my area! Now I need to start working on some projects that I can use 75 zippers on!

  7. Another sew along would be great. I'll be back from Cali in July, so I'll have plenty to do. I also bought a batch of zippers. I can't believe how much I was paying in the store for them. I feel like such a ding dong now that I know I can get it at a way better price. Now I need to find someone who sells magnetic purse clips in big batches that are reasonable.

  8. I would love to play again in July!!

  9. I just used the coupon code for zipit. I love zippers!

  10. yes I would love to play along in July!!!!

  11. no, I hate to say I did NOT take advantage of the coupons....too soon after the holidays and I am broke!

  12. I have had a blast with the ACSA and will be participating in July too. Even when I'm at the Quilt Festival!

  13. Yes I bought some really cute buttons from Little Red Cottage and am working with the chick from Swell Cloth on a custom order for fabric.

  14. Those four weeks went FAST! I'd be interested in the Christmas in July, I'm just not sure I won't be too busy. I hardly sewed at all last summer, I was too busy trying to keep my children entertained. That's time consuming. =)

    Thanks for a lovely month!

  15. I have to say that I did not use any coupons because I didn't need anything. I have more than I need already. =) Oops....did I say that?!?!?! =)

  16. didn't see the part about christmas in July the 1st time so I'm back lol that would be great! as I'm always short on Chritsmas items for my shows, plus lets don't forget those "just for me's" christmas quilts, pillows.... ohh let's do it!lol!

  17. This has been sew much fun! Count me in for July ;) I purchased some of the tape measure twill trim from Littleredcottage,but when I tried to use the coupon code for zipit,it said the code was invalid. So I sent a convo to the shop owner,waiting to hear back.

  18. Looking forward to christmas in july sewalong

  19. Update,third time was the charm :) I now have zippers on the way!
    BTW I likes your hearts too ;)

    Have a super weekend and Thanks sew Much for such a fun January,you Rock!

  20. I really appreciated the extra motivation! I didn't use any of the coupon codes since I am trying REALLY hard to use up what I have on hand first. :)

  21. The Christmas in July sounds good, although I'm not very good at planning that far ahead. ;(

  22. I did use the zipit code and got a lovely assortment! I love that shop!

    Thanks for hosting the sew-along and the extra little push it gave me to get back into sewing again!

  23. I have been amazed by all of the talent in the After Christmas Sew Along. Actually it's a bit intimidating. I have enjoyed sewing along but had hoped to accomplish more. January turned out to be very busy at school!
    I plan to keep sewing. I'm going to sew a gift a month with Val from( to make a dent in my Christmas gift giving. You can join us in the challenge.

  24. Hello! I would love to do a Christmas in July Sew Along!!! I was already thinking about it. ;) Wish I had participated more this month but it was hard getting back to it after the holidays. Thanks for the opportunity to play along! :)

  25. I used the coupons to purchase items at Zipit & Little Red Cottage. Thanks for offering them! :)

  26. I am definitely interested in a sew along. I've so enjoyed seeing all the great stuff everyone was doing.

    While I didn't use the coupons, I have visited and will be returning. I needed to go through my projects to determine colors, sizes, etc. and time has been short of late. I've bookmarked each and will be back to shop soon for sure.

    Thanks again for doing this.

  27. Yay for Chirstmas in July! I am IN!

    I did use a coupon code at Swell Cloth~ she is fantastic and I will be visiting again~ I didn't make it to the other shops- I was trying to use my stash :)

    Thank you~ this has been fun!!!

  28. I just placed an order with sweet bobbins also, thanks for recommending some new sellers that I can use to feed my crafting addiction :)

  29. In theory, I'd love to do a Christmas in July sew-along, but this year might be really tough...
    and I didn't use any of the coupons - I didn't even have time to check any of the Etsy shops - sorry!