Wednesday, January 4, 2012

How's it going?

Yesterday I managed to get the 52 flying geese units done
 for my table top quilt.
Flying what?????
I know right?
All this quilting stuff is still so new to me
but I'm having fun learning new things.
Gotta love youtube.
You can find out how to do anything there!
And this Countdown to Christmas fabric
 just makes me happy!
Hopefully today I'll have some more time to work on it.

Have you checked out the flickr group yet?
There are some fun projects showing up over there!
Don't forget to add yours!
 You have until Friday night to post your pics!

 A while back I shared a link to a fantastic shop called 
She has amazing deals
on cross stitch charts, floss and fabrics.
 Well, she was having a giveaway on Facebook where you had to let her know what your favorite chart was on her site and if you won, she would send it to you. Well I was 1 of the 3 lucky winners! Not only did she send me the fun chart I wanted from Heart in Hand, but ALL these other goodies too!!! Look at all that floss! And all those charts! I was overwhelmed for sure!
If you love cross stitch, check out her shop.
Her prices are 50% off retail and she has great sales on top of those discounts as well!
Up until recently the only thing I ever won
was "honorable mention" in a poster contest
 at the Library in 2nd grade.
 I just figured I wasn't the "lucky winner" type.
But you know what?
If you never enter these giveaways, you never win!
So get those pictures posted for the After Christmas Sew Along
and it could be you that wins this time!


  1. Well, I already made pillowcases and today I am going to organize a few projects and make an apron to trade for some fingerless mittens!! I haven't had regular sewing in for-ev-er!

  2. Good job! Can't wait to see the finished quilt!

  3. I've started cutting some things out and will probably finish my Christmas runner - just in time for Christmas 2012!

  4. really scored :-)! I am going to checkout the instructions for Flickr and start posting my photos today :-)!

  5. You sure have been a busy little quilter! Posted a couple photos today,next week I will work on a larger project :)

  6. Karen, I have two aprons finished will head over and post the is on it's way to IL with my sis..and wow did you score, I don't cross stitch but will pass that site along to friends who do..


  7. Hoy si Dios quiere dejo mis fotos puestas y a esperar si hay suerte.
    Acabo de ver las fotos de la galería y hay cosas muy bonitas.

  8. I'm loving the flickr group! And reading about your projects... :-)