Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Life is too short......

It's hard to believe that January is almost over!
These cups were supposed to be Christmas gifts
for my hubby, my son and my son in law.
Clearly that didn't happen!
So today I finally got them done.
I found a fat quarter of this awesome
Robert Kaufman cigar fabric months ago on ebay.
I paid too much for it,
but I haven't seen it before or since then
and it had Cuban cigars on it and my hubs is Cuban!
So that makes me feel a bit better about buying it.

the guys get together at our house every
Friday night and smoke cigars outside
and talk about "man stuff".
I was able to fussy cut 2 "Cuban" cigar boxes
for my hubby and son
and 1 "Big Wolf" for my son in law :)
I used fusible fleece to pad them
and lightweight denim for the backing.

I bought the cups at Joann's.
I had these great wooden buttons in my stash
that I bought over 25 years ago,
 so it was fun to give them a good home!

My hubby is VERY serious about his coffee
and would never use a cuff on his ginormous coffee mug,
but in the summer time he would use this for iced tea.
I have one on my cup like this and it really works
well to keep the cup from "sweating" while the ice melts.

And now for the most fun part of all......
I had these labels made over at the Sweetwater label website.
You can have custom labels made
in any quantity you like....and they are inexpensive too!
I had their moto "life is too short to smoke bad cigars"
printed along with the secret initials of their "group".
I can't tell you what they stand for
as I have been sworn to secrecy myself :)

Well that's it for today.
I think these would make great Valentine's gifties
for the hard to sew for men in your life!
And don't forget to post your projects
This is the final week!


  1. Those are great! and I love the neat fabric.

  2. Those are cute .... love the fabric.

  3. Excellent job and great gift idea :-)!

  4. Excellent job and great gift idea :-)!

  5. It is so hard to find crafts to make for men. Love your idea, they came out wonderful. I must check out the label.
    Teresa's Heartfelt Stitches

  6. These are great! I love that you personalized it with their motto and personal logo.

  7. Visiting from Whatever Goes Wednesday. These are super cute. They are now on my "gifting" pin board on Pinterest. :-) Thanks for sharing!!!