Wednesday, January 18, 2012

My Tyrolean Train Wreck

I am finished with stage 1 of my Hideaway quilt.
I still need to sash it and add the borders
and then hand quilt and bind it.
I am using the "Hot Cross Buns" pattern
from the Schnibbles Times Two book.
This Hideaway fabric with the coo coo clocks,
tiny deer, and chalets in the Alps,
 just reminds me so much of Germany.
Maybe that's why I love it so much.

This pattern has made me realize (once again)
that I can not expect perfection.
I've had to embrace the "wonkiness".


My lovely Hot Cross Buns are more of a "hot mess"
or if you prefer...
"My Tyrolean Train Wreck".
I'm showing the photo from a distance
so you can't easily see the severe "wonk factor".
I dream of a day where every intersection
of my quilts will meet........
(it could happen...right?)
In the meantime I will just enjoy the process.
And for some reason I really love
these little piles of fabric goodness
 that come from squaring up my blocks.....
maybe it's just me?

And I thought I'd share this little Christmas house
that I stitched last night :)

And for those of you that are playing along
or just following along with the After Christmas Sew Along,
be sure to check out the flickr group for week #3.
There is some serious crafty goodness happening over there!
I've bookmarked a few fun projects myself :)


  1. I love it! it's one of the ones I liked most in the Schnibbles book.

  2. Looks great! Getting ready to hand quilt one that I just finished...scary...

  3. It looks Fabulous!! I think the wonky factor is what makes quilts super special.
    I have to agree, the piles of fabric scraps from squaring fabric up makes me happy too - especially with bright happy fabric.

  4. After a quilt guild meeting and seeing everyone's award winning quilts, I often feel like you do here. Then I remember that I have quilts on my beds--not perfect but no one but me notices at my house. My quilt gifts have always been more than appreciated, too. If I waited for perfection, I'd not enjoy quilting and have very little to show for my effort.

  5. Oh I just love your new quilt with Hideaway! The fabric is perfect! And, I can't see where your blocks aren't lining up - I think it looks wonderful! And, I so heart your little house block - too CA-UTE!! Wonderful stitching my friend :o)!!

  6. Again, such great work! I only added my BOMs this week, hoping to finish the top to my quilt this weekend so I can layer and quilt next weekend!

  7. Pero que cosa más bonita, todo un acierto la combinación de colores y la perfección que se ve.

  8. I love wonky....of course, not being a quilter, I can't even SEE what is wonky! It looks lovely to me.