Friday, January 6, 2012

My geese were too fat....who knew?

I really hope you are all having fun
with the After Christmas Sew Along!
It's been so great to see all your projects on the flickr group
and read all the lovely posts of encouragement and praise!
I have to say that the friends I have met through blogging
are truely the sweetest people ever!
Well I've been really enjoying sewing with no deadlines!
I'm so excited that I finished my quilt top yesterday.
I just love this fabric (Countdown to Christmas by Sweetwater)
I used a pattern from the book "Schnibbles Times Two".
(just found the book on clearance HERE
and also amazing prices on fabrics as well!!!)
I would have been done sooner,
but it turns out that my flying geese were a bit "fat" shall we say?
They were supposed to finish out at 2" by 3 1/2".
Mine were 2" by 3 3/4".
Being new to quilting, maybe someone can explain to me
what is the purpose is of a "scant" 1/4" seam.
Why not just stick to a regular 1/4"?????
My lovely quilting foot is 1/4"....not a scant 1/4"!!!!
A scant 1/4" sounds to me like you go just shy of a 1/4" seam.
Well that's what I did and my geese were a full 1/4" too wide.
I had to resew 104 seams!
I re-did them at a full 1/4" and they worked out fine after that.

I also finished 3 more little houses for my new neighborhood :)

Don't forget to hop over and add your projects
 to the flickr group for week #1.
You have until tonight to enter your pictures.
The winner will be posted here tomorrow!
Good luck and happy sewing!!!


  1. oh yes I avoid patterns that say scant 1/4" but I've heard its simply 2 threads over. But for me I'd have to keep a note posted on my sewing machine so that each time I remembered to move the needle over when working on that's really pretty and I just love those colors and little houses!

  2. Okay, I have never heard of scant, but honestly, I don't usually read patterns. =) I look at the pictures and wing it...probably not a great idea!

    You're just starting to, your work is beautiful! I LOVE how your top turned out. I'm working on my second project now....well, I did some other stuff too. =) It's really been fun to link up and have the encouragement of others.

    And I have to agree...the friends I've made blogging are just AWESOME! =)

    Have a great day!

  3. I just posted Plan C too! Started it in 2010, finished it yesterday!
    Love your version!

  4. This quilt is just gorgeous. I'm just catching on to the sew along. I posted in Flickr, is there anything else I need to do to join?

  5. scant just means don't go over or else. LOL
    Love that quilt!!
    And you use a quarter to save on fabric, no other reason. LOL

  6. Beautiful quilt! I'm curious, too, why it's supposed to be a "scant" quarter inch!

  7. Your houses are looking great :-)! I cannot wait to get home to post my photos on Flickr :-)!

  8. OK...thank you for the flannel baby wipes tutorial. I have $25 burning a whole in my pocket and I am going flannel shopping :-)!

  9. Beautiful work as always. I don't know the scant thingy either and have always done a 1/4". Maybe one of us should ask someone in "the know" at our LQS! I'm loving the sew along!

  10. I don't understand the "scant" thing either - and if we're always supposed to sew a scant 1/4" seam, then why don't the sewing machine manufacturers make a "scant" 1/4" foot? I can't adjust my needle position, so I really depend on my 1/4" foot to keep the seams right - and they usually are!

  11. Okay... I asked a friend who's a quilting expert. She said: "Scant is to account for the width of the thread when you iron the seam to the side or open esp when piecing lots of little pieces."

    I guess I can see that, because you do lose just a tiny bit of fabric into your pressed edge. So there ya have it. :)

    What time are you closing the Flickr group? :)

  12. Now normally a fat goose would be a good thing. I am constantly stopping to measure finished pieces to make sure they are working together. That helps!

  13. This is fabulous! Great job. :-) I'm in the Sew Along and am working on one single project... I'm impressed with all everyone else is sewing! You go!

  14. It is just beautiful!

    The only thing I made this week was a Pinkalicious dress for my daughter's birthday party tomorrow. No post yet, but I hope to jump in next week with some more sewing!

  15. oh wow, you resewed all those seams??? that's dedication girl - but worth it as it looks fab! I don't get scant 1/4 inch seams either?!? I sew in imperial measurements, despite living in a decimalised country and to be honest, sewing in mm would make more sense...