Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Never give up....Never Surrender!!!

I did it!
I made 2 little houses that are actually 4" square!
The roof lines are good.
The spacing is good.
I actually enjoyed sewing them by hand!
(confession:  I did the sashing by machine)

One of my favorite movies is "Galaxy Quest".
Being married for almost 32 years to a Star Trek fan
 makes Galaxy Quest an even funnier movie.
There are so many references to Star Trek.
You can't watch it and not have the
"Never give up, Never Surrender"
stuck in your head.
It's hilarious!
If you've never seen it,
I highly recommend it :)
So what does that have to do with sewing?
Well I was about to give up and surrender
to these tiny houses.
My 2 earlier attempts were WAY beyond wonky
and were no where close to 4" squares.
If you remember, I made the first one by hand.
I stitched the 2nd one on my machine
and even my hubby asked me
"what happened to that 2nd one?"
You know it's bad when a man notices these things!
I tried sashing them in cute polka dots
 but even that couldn't save them.
So maybe the 2 little houses on Wonky Lane
will become coasters for my sewing room.....

And today is the first "normal" day of the New Year.
The hubby is back at work and my daily life returns to normal.
I have all the pieces cut and ready to go
for my Countdown to Christmas table quilt.
Hopefully by tomorrow I'll have pictures to show you.
Hope you're all getting started on your projects!
I'll be checking the flickr group for pictures.


  1. Your little houses are cute and I love your fabric choice. Lots of admiration from me for making something so small - did you guess that I'm a klutz? I'm looking forward to seeing your finished project. Thanks for sharing.

  2. These are darling. I wonder though...do you really want to be adding the cornerstones and sashings to all four sides? If you look at the quilt on the Little Houses website, there is one sashing and one cornerstone per side/corner. If you add them from the get-go, won't they be duplicative? I decided not to do the Little Houses, but I've wondered about this issue with the sashing and cornerstones. You did a great job on these. I love the colors you've used.

  3. just change up the cornerstones and it will look like a four patch block. it'll be fine and I like the wonky ones, some houses are just that way...even in real life.

  4. Thanks ladies, but I'm not doing my quilt the same as hers. I won't be doing 365 houses and mine will be a lap quilt. And these 2 houses will not be next to each other, not even close to each other :) You'll have to wait and see what it will look like when it's all done :)

  5. love the houses but I'm too inpatient to do something that tiny! I can't wait to see what your magic machines does with them Karen!

  6. Hi Karen,

    Thank you for visiting my blog.
    I love your houses. The sashings in black and white look wonderful.


  7. oh great, now I want to make a little house, ROFL