Wednesday, February 15, 2012

I'm so bad at keeping secrets!

If you read my blog on a regular basis
(yes....all 4 or 5 of you)
you'll remember that when Amy and I attended
a recent quilt show,
we joked about making
matching quilted jackets to wear to the next
Quilt Festival with Regena and Denise.
Clearly....that is NEVER going to happen.
But it got me thinking about
some fun personalized cup cozies for us to have.
I ordered these custom labels from Sweetwater.
This cup cozy pattern is my own.
I was planning on making it a free tutorial
but it's not easy peasy
because there is A LOT of pinning
 to get the rick rack just right.
Maybe I'll post the tutorial without the rick rack
in the very near future.
Would anyone be interested?

I was planning on giving these to the girls as a surprise,
but clearly I can't wait until July.

Sorry ladies....
you'll just have to get them early!!!!

All the fabrics I used are from earlier
lines from Sweetwater.
There's so much buzz about "Hometown" and "Reunion"
by Sweetwater, which I also love!
But the older lines are fantastic too!
Here is some fabrics from "Sunkissed".
I see some really cute sun dresses
for Sofie and Evie in the future!
That gray & pink fabric is mine :)

And these are from "Make Life".
And because I hate to pay full price for anything,
I love that I can find these older fabrics
at around 6 bucks a yard on etsy and ebay.
I loves me a good deal!
The fabric is such wonderful quality
and it just makes me want to sew something fun!
I also love that you can find some great
co-ordinating labels on the Sweetwater etsy shop.
This is starting to sound like a commercial.
I promise I don't get anything from Sweetwater.


  1. Please do a tutorial (with or without ric rac, whichever is easier for you)...I'd love to make a couple of these!

  2. Very nice :-)!

    Yes, I would be interested in the tutorial; thank you.

    I LOVE the fabric; it makes me happy:-)!

  3. YES! Love them. A tutorial would be great!

  4. I wouldn't mind a tutorial on how to sew ric rac straight :D

  5. I love your little cozies. It would be fun to learn how to make them. And yes include the rick rack I really need a lesson in that.
    Teresa's Heatfelt Stitches

  6. A tutorial would be awesome!!!!!!

  7. I LOVE THEM! and yes a tutorial would be fun. I can't wait to fondle it in person! Thank you!

  8. A tutorial? Most definitely! Have been wanting to make some cozies up myself,and I love the rick rack too. Love that third print in on the last photo!

  9. I would love a tutorial for your cozies. They are great.

  10. I love the cup cozies, way better than quilted jackets! The girls will love them. Yes I would be interested in the tutorial though I think the ric rac straightening is out of my league.

  11. Son de lo más bonito y alegres. Las telas una verdadera preciosidad.
    Espero impaciente el tutorial cuando lo pongas.