Tuesday, February 28, 2012

A slight break in the action....

I haven't really touched my sewing machine since Friday.
It's been a busy weekend around here and yesterday I was busy
with paying bills and going grocery shopping.
I did, however, have some time last night
to do some more cross stitching :)
I can't wait to finish this one!
I love love love the chickens!!!
Sometimes it's nice to have a little
break in the action!
And Arthur and Barkley were more than happy
to keep me company while I stitched :)


  1. ahhhhhhhh so cute
    the chickens are nice too :-)

  2. I haven't done cross-stitching in a long time, though I do have one that is almost finished,...gotta get back to it someday! Very cute project and company!


  3. Your babies are adorable and I'm sure they are awesome company.
    I love the chickens - especially the one pulling the worm outta the ground!

  4. I hate when household chores keep us from the fun. Looks like both the pets love the flannel mat you sewed.
    Chickens are looking fun.
    Teresa's Heartfelt Stitches