Wednesday, February 22, 2012

A Treasure Found :)

The other day my Mom gave me a bag of embroidery floss
and another little bag filled with cardboard quilt templates
of all shapes and sizes.
My Mom lives in a Senior apartment complex
and she has some truly amazing neighbors!
One woman is 90 years old
and doesn't look
a day over 65
and she goes dancing every week
at the Senior Center!
How cool is that?????

These bags of goodies were given to her by Irene.
She is one of my Mom's friends that had lost her eyesight
 to the point that she could no longer quilt or embroider.
In the bottom of the bag of quilting templates
I found this little hand quilted "treasure".
Probably one of the last works of art
this sweet lady worked on.
I just couldn't leave it sitting in a bag somewhere.
So I decided to make it into a
mug rug for her to use and enjoy :)
I used clear mono filament thread
to stitch along the hand stitched lines.
At the time I didn't know
that this dear lady had lost her sight.

My Mom was so happy to see it like this and said
that Irene will be able to "feel" the pattern :)
And she said that Irene has 2 daughters who will love
to have this piece of their Mom's artwork one day as well.
I love it when God brings a plan together like that!


  1. Lovely story. I am sure your mom's friend will enjoy it.
    Teresa's Heartfelt Stitches

  2. What a special gift to be able to work on. You did a wonderful job making something beautiful out of those wonderful shapes.

  3. You knocked this one out of the park! The thoughtfulness and graciousness of your gift speaks volumns about your heart.

    God is good in deed :-)!

  4. How awesome is that? Great job Karen!

  5. Your thoughtfulness says it all....Irene will LUV it!!

  6. Lovely mugrug and very thoughtful of you.

  7. A treasure twice around~ it looks great and will mean so much. {hugs} to you~

  8. What a lovely gesture on your part!

  9. awesome, awesome, awesome. You are a treasure yourself!

  10. What a lovely thing to do. I hope she has sufficient vision left to enjoy the bright colours and also the lovely binding and backing fabric you've used that brings it all together.