Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Scraptacular Cup Cozy Tutorial :)

The word "cozy" makes me smile.
About a year ago, my hubby and I were ordering a pizza.
The girl behind the counter asked for his name.
He said "Jose" and she proceeded to write on the pizza box.
15 minutes later when the pizza was done,
we laughed uncontrollably all the way to the car.
The girl had written "cozy" on the box!

Now my hubby is a lot of things...
handsome, intense, intelligent,
but I don't think cozy is a word that most who know him
would use to describe him!

Although the older he gets
and the more grandchildren we get,
he is getting "cozier" all the time :)

For this Scraptacular Cup Cozy you will need:
3 - 3" squares of scrap fabric for the hearts
3" by 9" rectangle of Wonder Under
2 - 5" by 12" scraps of fabric for the cup cozy
1 - 5" by 12" piece of fusible fleece
1- 1" button
1 - pony tail elastic
28" of 3/4 to 1" wide rick rack (optional)
Download pattern HERE
*Make sure that when you print the pattern,
in the print screen where it says "page scaling"
you change it from "fit to printable area" to "none"
or the pattern could print the wrong size.
The cozy pattern piece should measure 10 1/2" long.

Read through the entire tutorial before
you get started.
Feel free to email me if you have any questions.

Using the pattern piece,
cut 2 of fabric and one of fusible fleece.
I just stack them and
 cut all 3 pieces at once.
Fuse the fleece to the wrong side
of one of your pieces of fabric
and set that aside.

Now take the 3 - 3" squares of scrap fabric
and fuse the rectangle of Wonder Under
 to the wrong side of the squares.
Using a pen or fabric marker
trace the heart pattern on each of the 3 squares.
Cut them out along the lines you drew.
Using a pin,
scratch a line in the center of the paper backing
and fold along the scratched line.
Now you can easily peel off the backing
without fraying the edges of the hearts.
Once you have all 3 hearts peeled,
you can set them aside. 
Now for the fun part with the rick rack.
If you are not choosing to use the rick rack,
just ignore this step.

Take LOTS of pins and the piece of fabric
that you ironed the fleece to
and pin the rick rack
to the right side of the fabric so that
the "valley" of the rick rack is lined up
with the fabric edge.
This takes a while to do and you'll have to
"ease" the rick rack around the corners and 
overlap the beginning and the end of the rick rack
so you have a smooth finish.
I'm sure someone has an easier way to do this,
but this is just the way I do it
so I'm sharing it with you.

Once you have the entire edge pinned
you will edge stitch an 1/8" all the way around
pulling the pins as you get to them.
I tried to show the overlap of rick rack,
but it is hard to get a good picture of what
I'm actually doing here.
You want the ends of the rick rack to fall outside
of the finished cozy.
Now back to the stitching.
Use a 1/8" seam to stitch the rick rack to the
fleece lined fabric panel.
My sewing machine foot has a red line for the 1/8"
as you can see in the photo.
This is what it should look like when you are finished
with that step.
Now flip it over and check out the front side.
Be sure that you caught all the rick rack
and if not, you can go back now and re-do it.

Remember....if you chose not to add the rick rack
you'd most likely be done by now :)
Ha! take your remaining piece of fabric
and match the 2 sides good sides together
and pin.
Take the pony tail elastic
and with the bulk of the elastic towards the inside
pin in place. I stitch back and forth
over the elastic for durability,
pulling the pins as I reach them.
Just stitch around the entire cup cozy again
at 1/8" following in the stitch line
you made when you added the rick rack,
leaving a 3" opening for turning.
Do not leave the opening in the same place
as where you overlapped the rick rack.
Leave the opening a bit before or after
the overlap.
If you chose not to use rick rack,
just sew the 2 pieces together,
right sides facing in and leaving a 3" opening for turning.
Carefully turn to the outside
and slip stitch the opening.
Now press.
Next take your 3 hearts and lay them out
on the front until you are pleased with the location.
Fuse them to the cozy with your iron
and stitch around the edges  of the hearts
with an 1/8" seam.
Stitch around the entire cup cozy edge
 with an 1/8" seam as well.
Hand sew your button in place
check the pattern piece for button placement.

It really doesn't matter whether your button
is on the left side or right side.
Just as long as it's opposite the pony tail elastic.

Then stand back and admire your handy work :)


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