Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Sampler love :)

Years ago, before my wonderful hubby
"retired" me to a full time domestic goddess,
I worked in an office.
Every year at Christmas time we would
be overrun by sugary sweets.
Of course the favorite was the Sees Candies Sampler.
Some of those chocolates were to die for.
Some.....not so much.
I always hated those people....and you know who you are,
who would take a bite and if they didn't like it
they'd put it back in the box with a bite missing!
Like someone is really going to eat that one!
Anywhoo...I had a girlfriend with long acrylic nails
who would stab the chocolates from underneath with one of her nails
to see if she wanted to eat it or not..
Can you say "gross"?????

So....about the idea of a sampler,
I am totally loving this sampler quilt I'm working on!
Every block is different and that is making it
VERY exciting!

It's fun learning how to do these blocks
one at a time!

The hard part is that I'm using a jelly roll
so I'm limited by the fabrics that came in the roll.
I had one strip of fabric that had graphics
 and words that I was hoping would work
on this block
but as you can see,
it's like the one  that somebody
took a bite out of
and put back in the box.
I took the entire block apart and decided to use
some of the leftover pieces to make it work.
Even with using 2 different scraps
I still like it better.

I can't wait to make the next 8 blocks
but I need to pick up a different ruler
so they will have to wait until tomorrow.
It's raining here today and the hubby took my car to work,
(no motorcycle on rainy days)
so that means I have to stay home....and sew :)
Poor me.


  1. love that fabric!
    You have sooooo been bitten by the quilting bug!!

  2. I can see what you mean with the red background block. Fussy cutting might be the answer I guess. Maybe, though, when this is all put together the red background block will fit in perfectly. Maybe you need to look at it as a piece of the whole???

    The first block with the same fabric in green looks great! I love sampler quilts. Can't wait to see the finished product.

  3. What fun blocks and great fabric! Hurry and finish it! :o)

  4. Great blocks. Excellent idea. Love to see it finished.

  5. Love the colorful blocks.
    See's candy I can pick out my favorites, other brands I take a knife and cut them in half.
    Teresa's Heartfelt Stitches