Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Finally....A Finish!!!

I finished my very first machine quilted baby quilt!

Take a good look,
because I'll NEVER do this again!

I was sweating and wrestling with my machine.
I have SO much respect for all of you
who machine quilt, especially the larger quilts!
I love the look, now that it's done,
but I'd rather have a root canal than do this again.
This little quilt is 36" by 36" and was made
using a pattern called Kylee's Kite by Quilt in a Day.
It took me longer than a day to make this
unless you count an actual 24 hours of sewing
and then I guess you could call it "a day".
For the front I used a charm pack of  "Lovely" by Moda
along with some pale yellow floral from my stash
and Kona Snow for the background.
I used a salmon gingham from Lakehouse for the binding.
The backing is butter yellow cotton sateen,
oh so soft and yummy with that wonderful sheen!!!
I used the scraps to make the Chevron border on the backside.

The quilt top was definitely FTS (fun to sew)
and I will make more of these
but I'll do the quilting by hand in the future :)

I'm listing this in my shop today.
Wish me luck!


  1. Karen, it's BEAUTIFUL! I know it won't last long in your shop! And yes, it's really a wrestling match isn't it... small machines and large quilts really don't get along all that well!

  2. love it! i can't wait to try that pattern since we had to wait in line for them (with all those fab quilted jackets!)

  3. How fun! Stopping by from QuiltStory!


  4. What a beautiful quilt Karen. You made me smile with your comment about root canal... I'd rather do just about anything rather than root canal!!

  5. I am with you on the hand quilting. I much prefer to quilt that way, but then again, I can't lower my feed dogs, so that makes it harder. Great job!!!

  6. it turned out beautiful, I love the old tyme hand quilting to machine too, it seems to sooth me better lol!

  7. it looks wonderful, the grappling with the machine was well worth it!

  8. I think it looks allright! But I agree with you, one machinequilting is enough and mine wasn´t as nice as yours!
    Gun, Sweden

  9. What a happy quilt! I think your machine skills look fab! great job

  10. Looks beautiful to me, Good job...