Wednesday, December 12, 2012

It's going to be a blustery day :)

Today's forecast is rainy and cold.
And what makes it even better is that I don't have
anywhere to go today.
I'm super excited!
Rain outside,
and lots of sewing!
Woo Hoo!!!

Yesterday I received an email from a lovely woman
that attended the DIY boutique on Sunday night.
She asked it I could make 3 business card wallets.
2 in purple and 1 in blue.
She said I could choose the fabrics 
because she trusts my taste.
Gotta love clients like that :)
So here they are, ready for pick-up.
Fun little projects.

I also managed to finish up another full apron for my shop.

I love these little owls!

When I bought the fabric I didn't even notice
that some of the owls have a glass of wine.
How hilarious is that???
Baking, coffee pots, tea kettles,
kitchenaid mixers, rolling pins,
Sure...why not :)

Makes me love this fabric even more!


  1. wow, lightning sewista. still love my little wallet

  2. wow, lightning sewista. still love my little wallet

  3. I thougt I was the only one who liked rainy, windy, indoor days!! The donuts look delish and you're sewing is just beautiful, as always!

  4. Your business card wallets look so posh .... your client should be delighted with them! Oh my, those doughnuts are making me hungry - I think I can even smell them. ;)

  5. I would trust your colour/fabric choices as well - you have an EXCELLENT eye - so much so that I've started buying the fabrics you buy because I like them, haha! Owls with WINE???! That's over the top FUNNY!!